Why Stay Single?

At this current age where I’m at right now, I’ve been asked, persuaded (relentlessly), cajoled and even put through a match making session by friends and family members who are concerned with my bachelorhood status.

I wouldn’t be surprised as to why they’d be pressing the alarms in panic way even before I do.

My dad got married at 26, so did my brother-in-law and my cousin and my cousin’s husbands. But at 26, I still feel like I’m too young to be held down by any binding contract that will ultimately shackle me to the bed cum nightfall waking up to a face who’d probably be lying on my chest for the next 3 months, arm in the following 6 months, hand in the following 9 months and off my body completely thereafter because I consistently piss the individual with my idiocy every morning when I wake up and silence before bed time.

But seriously, almost 3 years since my last relationship ended, I never felt the need or urge to find a girlfriend, a year after and now, I don’t even think it’s relevant to have one to begin with. Don’t mistake me though when I say find or urge because that doesn’t mean that I might not chance upon someone attractive enough for me to think about getting into a relationship with because it has, but just that things didn’t work out.

There were of course instances whereby I’d meet new girls, find them extremely attractive physically, emotionally and mentally – at first, only to realize a little bit later that there was just something not right about it. For that, I’m actually glad that I listened to my best friend’s theory of being friends for at least 2 years before making any decisions. He knew his girlfriend for like 5 years before they eventually got together, even then, it wasn’t without drama.

Which then brings me to the next portion, DRAMA.

Drama, the very thing that brings me to life and pays my bills is the very thing that I don’t need from a relationship. But well, I’ve been told that no relationship is ever complete without drama. It sucks but it happens and both sides love to play the game of ‘Test Him/Her Out’.

If you’ve watched ‘Addicted to Love’, one of the tests is to cast a shadow of doubt to your partner and see how they react. I know of people who love to do this and get a huge kick out of it but is it really necessary?

Honestly, if such games were played on me, I’d break it off immediately because I have no time to entertain such games. It takes too much of my emotions eventually and I’d rather not get worked up over it only to be told later, ‘I was just testing you’.

And seriously, no matter how much love I have for that person, I’d have lost all respect for that person the moment the prank was played. I have no idea how some couples manage to get over that but I find it a big issue for me because if it was done once and forgiven, it may just happen again. But that’s probably not the worst. The worst is probably a case of JEALOUSY.

It’s not uncommon.

Jealousy, especially one which has been cast based on hearsay or without proper investigations is a disease (But aren’t most cases of jealousy stemmed from it?). Because one would probably be subjected to constant questioning of ‘Why are you still friends with A’ or ‘Why is A here?’ or the worst will be, ‘I don’t want you to be friends with any of A’s friends’.

It’s ridiculous but the jealous one probably doesn’t see it because all they are looking for is reassurance and the only way they can get reassurance is if their terms are met with. And the one who is victim to the jealousy and believes in the love that they have will eventually give in to this reassurance or at least try to negotiate to some point, which of course, can only work for a while before original terms are brought back to the table. Hence, I call it a disease because it’s a small world, you can’t run away from friends or being involved in professional activities all the time, especially if you’re working together.

And I wouldn’t want to end up with a jealous partner too cause I’d only have one female friend left probably – HER. Any other female friend whom I profess a certain degree of liking would probably be slaughtered too!

So yeah, until I can find someone who’s able to sort these out first, I think I’ll be single for a long time…

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