Weekend Cooking

It’s been a really cool day in Singapore this weekend and I’ve even been told that the East Coast Park looked as if it was experiencing a Tsunami?

Well, I certainly hope not!!

So, whilst many of you are probably snuggling or cuddling comfortably at home. You also probably have no mood to even get out of your house to get dinner.

As usual, here’s a quick solution that you might want to consider, especially if you’re at home with a special someone and have been stuck in bed all day long.

Here’s a cooking video from my many How To Video series on my WhatsAbd YouTube channel.

It’s a several parter video so, just take your time to watch them all – if you’re interested.


And I wish all the best to those of you who plan to cook this tonight!

This dish of course can be cooked pretty quickly if you’re running short on time!!

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