The Weekend Fantasy

Just a few days back, I was at Mendaki Club’s Graduates Tea session organized at Marina Mandarin Hotel.

Of course, there were many graduates there, I wasn’t one.

In fact, ever since graduating years ago, I never received any invitation to attend the graduates tea. It’s special only this year because some of the committee members are good friends and therefore, I’m well informed about it.

Anyhoos, there were several speakers invited to the event namely, Dr Mohamad Maliki Osman (MP), Najib Ali (Creative Director 2M), Asfraf Safdar (Business Change Manager) and Rita Zahara (Newsreader).

I’m sure we know who these individuals are but this entry is not about who they are but who ONE OF THEM struck a similar parallel image in my head. The person in image is Rita Zahara.

She’s good looking no doubt and on that day, looked every bit a hottie. She was so hot though that I couldn’t help but was reminded of a porn star.

A pity I didn’t take a photo with her but who am I drawing parallel to?

Tila Tequila!

The Singaporean-Vietnamese porn star who’s now plying her trade in the United States.

If you don’t believe? Take a look for yourself.

There’s no nude photos of Rita Zahara but you surely can find lots for Tila Tequila!

Have fun fantasizing!!!

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