Breathing Space!


This is a very very very difficult entry to begin with after what I’ve been put through.

There are of course several issues which have arisen from several blog entries of mine which have hit a hot note with the authorities.

I definitely wasn’t looking for trouble of any kind nor was I expecting to be hearing from them. It was a nice surprise albeit a bit unpleasant though.

Nevertheless, before I begin to get more calls, let me clear the air once and for all before I cause inconvenience to so many other people.

The entries in question are:

Singapore’s Flood in Cuffs
SPF Tracking Me?

To begin with:

It is merely my wish as a Singapore citizen who has been trained in law to educate the general public on their rights as a citizen. As how a quote mentions, ‘Knowledge Is Power’ and well, it sure is and of course, it is also a belief that whoever has the knowledge, he/she should take responsibility to educate those who may be in the unknown. That was the sole purpose of my entry on ‘Singapore’s Flood in Cuffs’.

It is of course, by no means of mine that I had any intention to disparage or to tarnish the good reputation of the organisation who manages our charming and good looking men and women in blue.

And of course with that, I definitely had no ill intention whatsover to cause mistrust in the organisation amongst the general public. All opinions and comments made were personal and solely made based on facts available at that point of time.

And to end, I also need to of course clarify as to why I had listed other departments in the said organisation as perhaps keeping track of me. Now, for those of you who know me very well probably know that I’m a sucker for conspiracy theory movies and usually such stories will involve spooks (CIA is called spooks) who’ll track you around in stealth mode. If you still have no idea what I’m referring to, I’m making relations to movies such as Infernal Affairs and Conspiracy Theory. I know it sounds ultimately ridiculous but having watched so much of such movies, I can’t help but be influenced by the possibility that it may just happen to me right?

But having said so much in clarification, I am still touched by what has happened and well well, if there is anyone looking for a writer, do call me!!!

Anyways, I just found the statement issued by Singapore Police Force on the photographer who was handcuffed!

So, do read the other side of the story and come to your own conclusion!

2 thoughts on “Breathing Space!

  1. Please don’t be a busybody. Keep the comments to yourself. You Singaporeans know how to complain only. Your English sucks bigtime!!!!


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