I need to send out this huge apology to all whom I have given your number out to but since I’ve openly stated that it’s me who gave your number, here are some ways to prepare yourself just in case you decide to attend that FREE makeover shoot lasting 2 hours long.

Aside from my previous post telling you to learn how to say ‘NO’, here are also some links to other sites where others have experienced the terrible service or have been conned or close to getting conned by the company.

Snapz Image Consultancy Sucks!

Regina – Thy Name Is Queen


Extraordinary Weddings

I’m guessing that based on my research and experience in talking to a few others, SNAPz Image is a rip off from the older company, Naughty By Nature, which has since closed.

Here are some articles to read about those who were affected by Naughty By Nature.

Alice Cheong

Review Stream



Okay, I think these should be more than sufficient to convince you NOT TO SIGN UP.

But anyways, if you are thinking of signing up. Give me a call!!

I’ll help to speak loudly over the phone to say I will do it all at a cost so much lower than what they’re offering!!!

31 thoughts on “SNAPz Out

  1. I got a call from SnapzImage studio or should I say they call themselves S.I Studio. Went down for their free trial. The session was great and enjoyable though. I really like the whole xperience and was tempted for their services/privilleges offered for lifetime which was only at $4188 the smallest basic package. But I guess some ppl like you or others who can’t afford the packages and start condemning the conmpany. So I guess you, Abdillah Zamzuri, please save your breath for better use.


    • It’s great to know that someone had a better experience than myself and the rest who have been blogging negatively about it.

      You mentioned that you liked the whole experience and was tempted for their package, so did you actually sign up for it?

      I wouldn’t even mention whether or not I can afford it or not because even if I can afford it, I have friends who are established photographers and make-up artists whom I’d prefer to pay my money to, to help their business instead.
      And when I did talk negatively about the company, I think I was highlighting a lot more on the hard-sell approach and the less than professional conduct which many others have aired out as well. Besides, I am entitled to my personal opinions just as how you are and what would you consider as saving my breath for better use if it’s not to raise doubts on professional service being conducted for the purposes of improvement.


  2. Like I said earlier, you and e rest of 10% people who likes to complain and condemning some businesses are the sorelosers. By the way, why don’t you set up your own studio as well? And the package is not for everyone just like some ppl can’t afford Lamborghini and they become SOUR GRAPES themselves. For your info, I signed up for their largest package and please save your English for better feedback next time.


    • Hi Abdillah and SnapzImage,

      I am currently looking for a photographer for my wedding early next year at Marina Bay Sands.

      I am willing to pay top dollar for the best make-over package for my wife and myself.

      SnapzImage, based on the articles posted above, you have made quite a reputation for yourself. Do you have any independent links on your service quality which I can read on?

      Abdillah, if you can beat SnapzImage’s best package offer for my wedding, I’ll throw in a night’s stay at the hotel for you during our wedding.

      Do email me.


  3. I totally agreed with Dylan Knight. Me too went down for Snapz free Trial of makeover and photography as well. Everything went smooth and the staffs in the studio did not even hard sell or pressure sell me on the day itself. After the presentation, I found out it was a very attractive concept so I signed their package as well. So I think you should not be wasting your time and fingers to type out all the negativity of a business. Like what Dylan said it’s not for everyone.


  4. Hello my friend, I too signed up for their services and privilleges. I tink their service are not bad aftr the trial shoot given to me. But I guess some customers sign and some don’t. By the way SnapzImage is not even linked to NBYN. So please keep the comments to yourself instead!!!!


  5. Hei, me too got a package from the studio. I felt that everything was fine and their package was indeed attractive. So I signed with them 4 months ago. Their services are excellent even after the sales service. No complains about them. So I think some people are quite busybody about customers signing with the studio. Not for everyone I guess and not all can afford as well. 🙂


  6. Wow. This Snapz Image company is desperate or what?

    1. If people actually bother to post comments on Abd’s little blog abt his experience with a company, and comments against Abd’s opinions at that, it’s very likely these are not bona fide customers.

    2. If this was a tactic used by Snapz to regain some positive air abt their business, they just failed misreably. Social Media is about the conversation. Somone’s talking, the other is listening. If both people are talking, that’s called noise, not signal. So, unlike some real companies that use Social Media to engage with their consumers, create a fantastic experience, and listening to feedback, Snapz seem to prefer to spam blogs with their marketing spin which itself is an unethical use of technology.

    As I understand, all those comments come from the same IP address. So obviously, none of these comments are from actual customers. Pity. other companies would have done damage control by offering Abd a free session, have a nice meeting over tea, and listen to how they can improve and give their side of the story and try to work things out.


  7. I guess looking at the situation, I think you are the desperado hu wanna gain some popularity among the netizens or in your little blog.

    1. These comments and experience were voiced out by actual customers themselves. So Abd, don’t waste anymore of your little time trying to convince people that it is a bad studio. Like I said, it’s not for you but for others.


    • Interesting how you’d call me a desperado to gain popularity with this entry criticizing Snap Image Studio because not until just days before the comments by you and the others from a similar IP address, there were not more than 45 people who’ve read this entry compared to my other entries. Some of which have received hits of more than 3000. Surely having hits of only 45 before the comments came burgeoning in can’t make much of an impact in a Singapore population which is reaching 6 million? That doesn’t even count for 1% of the population.

      There is nothing for me to gain from this entry. Besides, I’ve only been providing constructive criticism in this entry and it is up to the company and it’s employees to reflect on their business practices mentioned and to improve on it where applicable, if need be. Else, potential customers who read this have the ability to exercise their own discretion in whether or not such an entry is believable or not.

      Your defensive stance towards the Snap Image Studio has perhaps further strengthened a view that you may be an employee of the studio because no consumer would bother to be so defensive over a company’s practices unless they are a benefactor or have a vested interested in the shares and/or operations of the company.

      Anyways, how do you know if the comments and experience voiced out were by actual customers? Unless of course, you know who the other ‘customers’ in question were, namely Lizzie Ann, Sammy, Can Afford Customer and Priscilla. Surely it’ll be too much of a coincidence that all 5 of you were together at the studio for a trial and signed up together and stumbled upon my blog at such timely intervals and each and every single one of you decided to post a comment?


  8. Like I said do not waste your time and effort again to try to condemn a business. Keep your comments or so called “constructive critism” for a better use. Like mentioned earlier, not eveyone can afford it. 🙂


  9. This is funny. I don’t think anyone reading this is going to be bothered by your price. If they want your service because it’s actually good, then they’ll consume it. If not, they go elsewhere. If Snapz was so good, and place a premium because of their so called extraordinary service, Snapz wouldn’t be resorting to spamming on someone’s blog to regain their good image, that is, if it was good in the first place.

    Good service will speak for itself. You don’t need to type 2548 words to tell me you’re good.

    Consumers have the right to criticise poor service. Nobody’s complaining about premium prices, unless the service does injustice to the premium. I suspect that’s exactly what people who actually are complaining are grousing about.


  10. Hi Abdillah….save your breath. No use of you trying to convince others that the company sucks. So keep the comments of yours to yourself


    • I find it extremely hilarious that the employees/ staff of S.I Studio would take the effort to drop comments in this little unknown blog of mine and keep insisting me to the comments to myself.

      If anything and if it’s true that the employees/staff/management of S.I Studio was indeed behind the comments posted up, clearly shows that perhaps the company is badly affected by the comments. And if the person orchestrating this online belittling have the mental and business capacity as well as maturity, I’m sure you know that in business there’s a term called ‘SERVICE RECOVERY’.

      Enough said, it’s been fun entertaining you kids since I’m just as bored!

      See ya guys around!

      Bye to the following:

      Dylan Knight, IP address:,,
      Lizzie Ann, IP address:
      Sammy, IP address:,
      Can Afford Customer, IP address:
      Troublemaker, IP address:
      Priscilla, IP address:


  11. i would like to add on to this company…this company is a scammed…really dun believe go on your own risk…o ya SNAPZ…i will definately spread my exp with all my fren n my contact…not to worry bout it…good luck in your company…but anyway this is some info bout it in case anyone wants to know wads this about…they will actualyl treat you like kings n quweens…n bring you to the shoot as promise…den after tat they will ask you question like…”other then $ is there anything tat will stop y ou from taking up this VIPs thingy” by then you were so tired… and you will just say o no…n they take you for it…den after tat a so call manager will come and explain all the price to you…n if you reject them…they will say nasty thing to you n told u no offence…i not refering you…its a big dif before n after you say no to their VIPs thingy…really…trust me…n btw…SNAPZ…i m not tryign to boast my finacial powere over here…i could easily afford or rather…willing to pay 6k to even 10k to get my pic shoot…cos when i say nah its the $ issue and rejected the offer…they somehow think i m a poor chap who only wanted the 2 free pics…thinking og it now i got damn disguested…their make up is terrible really…n the cloths…its really normal…no big deal you all can actually go search snapzaisa on google…see it for yourself n ask yourself…is it good anot…if you say yes…go ahead man…haha…SNAPZ…mark my words…i will make sure none of my frens will ever go to your company… =)


  12. Hi Soreloser, thank you for your wasting comments and effort to convince people that such company is a scam. Doesn’t mean you can’t do something more or nice for yourself and loved ones you be condemning a company. By the way Snapz does not force or put a gun for customers to buy their packages. So don’t waste your time typing all the shits and if it’s not for you, it’s for others that’s why they are called VIPs. Anyways your English sucks big time. But it’s fun seeing your stupid comments as well. Bye 🙂


  13. Hi Soreloser, it’s not my company anyway. So it’s knowing that this type of people still alive and living. Then again, it’s not for everyone. Still your ENGLISG sucks again. It’s fun to entertain you anyway Bye!!!!! 🙂


  14. Hi Jerky 1, I guess you are the confused one. But anyways, put your money where your mouth is. Stop wasting your little fingers typing again and I guess you’d be typing again. Haiz some sore loser….Bye!!!!!:)


  15. Hi Soreloser, it is good that you have to your senses now. But it’s good for you anyway, so next time think with your head not your mouth. Hahaha…..Bye!!!!!! Nice to know you Jerky Boy…:)


  16. Well….somebody is finally keeping quiet and laying low. That’s good so don’t bother commenting about other businesses or companies in the future. Bye Losers!!!!!


  17. Went der 4 e trial makeover n fotoshoot. Totally suckz including e makeup n e pictures r norm. Dmt like e attitude of the staffs n e manager of pressuring ppl 2 commit their packages on e day itself without considering. Bt I stay firm n said NO 2 e package. Aftr afew tries, dey finalli give up n burn 4 me my 2 free pics….hahaha so 2 those out there, do nt fall 4 their tactics.


  18. Went 4 their trial makeover n fotoshoot. The studio used make up kit n brushes all from China. Suckx big time man and I wondered if those so called VIPs are not sensitive 2 their china made products. The staffs were xplaining 2 me how exclusive their studio but the fact dat they used cheap products from china. Wondered if e vips got any rashes on their skins…anyways, pictures are normal 2 me cos I think its free trial so they wouldn’t wanna waste their time. Showed me their albums and “LIFETIME” services, I’m wondering who’s lifetime? The consumers or the company’s lifetime. Hahaha!!!! Nobody can gurrantee lifetime. So do not buy any of their packages which ranged from 4000++ onwards. I guess this type of business wanted 2 scam unknowingly victims. So my advice to the so_called “vips”, good luck with you guys with their Lifetime services.


  19. Hi everyone…do not visit SnapzImage. Scam company trying 2 hard sell you or pressure sell you their packages by the end of the day. But if you guys think jus 2 cum down 2 claim ur 2 best photos and wasting more than 3 hrs, go ahead den. I’ve been in their so called “xlusive studio” bt the pl looked normal and their outfits in their wardrobe stinks like hell. Make up also suckx big time and with these type of cheap products and xpect customers 2 sign their lifetime packages ranging frm 4000++ n above? So do nt be scam 2 sign anything frm dis studio wit ur hard earn money.Snapz Image will be soon closing down just like the older studio Naught By Nature which also provides Lifetime Services. My advice is stay from dis company and do not part ur money upfront for this type of packages which doesn’t know how long a private company can last so just pay as and when u need.


  20. Hi guys, Snapz Image is another rip off company the same as Naughty By Nature at Circular Rd which had closed down. The studio provides lifetime benefits of photoshoots for anyone even if you die, they will still take pictures of you. Do not fall for their hard sell tactics which they said that customers have to decide on the day to buy their so called “vip packages”. If not you will be wasting your time and only going home with 2 free pictures in cdrom. Suckx big time once the customer decline to take up the offer. So do not vist this stupid studio at havelock rd unless you guys wanna come down for the 2 free pictures.


  21. Hi, on the 13th of July SNAPZ officially closed down and there are alot of victims out there. I’m trying to gather as many people as posible.
    Do add in the list for the FB page if you have not like it.
    So that we can have a easier communication and update.
    Also we can have easier accounting for number of victims.

    Was thinking of a mass civil suit case against them or wat..
    Cos if the SCT and police fail we have to do things our way..


    • Hi,
      My wife is one of the victims. She has paid 7 monthly installments of $415/- thru VISA and had yet to consume a single session of their services.

      On 18th July 11, after we received a letter from SNAPZ Image informing us about closing down,I tried to contact the company but no one answered the phone.

      The reason for trying to contact the company is to get them to stop my bank from paying the balance of the instalment (about three more to go). That is all we asked for.

      I have called my bank to stop payment but was informed only SNAPZ Image could revoke the agreement and I am required to call them to do it. But in reality, only honest companies will not take your money if no service is rendered.

      If customers have to pay up all just because they have signed the agreement, imagine how much SNAP IMAGE could amassed from 1000 stupid customers like us. This is their strategy.

      Any idea how to prevent them from getting the balance instalments?


      • Hi Razali,

        I sympathise on your situation.

        Unfortunately, at this point of time as you mentioned, the bank is unable to provide you a refund or further assistance at the moment. Only Snapz Image is able to make the cancellations and proceed to refund its customers.

        The only route at the moment is to seek from the Small Claims Tribunal and lodge a police report.

        The more people lodge a report, the stronger the case will be against Snapz Image.

        I wish all the best in retrieving your claims.


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