Learn To Say ‘NO’

Very often we find ourselves in situations whereby we cannot resist to say ‘NO’. It is a problem, a very big problem at that too!


Because in situations whereby we say ‘NO’, we may end up spending unnecessarily on items that we don’t need or end up taking on tasks that we are not suitable for that is arrowed to us.

Learning to say ‘NO’ can be very difficult for some of us but it is a habit that we can adapt to our everyday lives and eventually find ourselves happy to say ‘NO’ than to say ‘YES’.

One of the easiest and simplest way I learnt how to say ‘NO’ is when I was introduced to the world of Network Marketing or the layman term is Pyramid Marketing. It is a concept that has grown over the years and many big companies use such a system to motivate its employees to perform.

During my time with the company, I often found myself in situations whereby as salesperson, we are at times pushed to go in for a close to ensure we get a deal no matter how lowly priced the deal may be. At times, even as a salesperson, no matter how much I find the product beneficial, the price is very often a turnoff and would even put me off from buying and with that, why would I want to push to convince someone to do the same?

It’s a matter of principle which I embody till today but sadly, some are motivated to close the sale to the point whereby they’d burn bridges with loved ones who may eventually find such a deal less than useful as initially promised or thought so.

Now, here comes to the point of my entry.

Earlier tonight, I attended a complimentary makeover photoshoot. The company had been calling me the past month or so to schedule a photoshoot for me but given my irregular schedule, I haven’t been able to do so until today.

With no expectations set and with an open heart and mind, I entered the basement office of the studio. The company, SNAPz, was located at B1-03, of the old Apollo Centre. I was then received by a young lady named Mickey who began to strike up a conversation with me and asking me questions about my personal lifestyle and habits. This, she informed, was to allow her to have a better understanding of her client so that she can choose a good set of look to accomodate my lifestyle and habit – fair enough.

I was then introduced to the facilities available and what they had to offer as well as their clientele. Not much of corporate but it was alot of individuals. According to her, SNAPz is the only company with the largest indoor photo studio in SouthEast Asia. I can’t be too sure about that though but judging by the size, Banquet restaurant could easily fill in the space.

After two looks (Muay Thai and Cos Play), I was taken to an enclosed area whereby the photos were shown to me. Moments later, I was then introduced to THE ONLY package offered which included a whole variety of services that came along with it. The services included, ability to invite 4 friends to come take photos for free, 2 events lasting 4 hours each, corporate photo (NRIC) for 4 pax as well as Photoshop, Photography and Make-Up workshops consisting of a total of 36 hours.

These services look really impressive but as an individual, do I really need them?

Here is where I knew I had to immediately make my stand clear before they begin to waver their dirty tricks on me.

I stepped up and informed Mickey that these services don’t apply to me simply because I have enough contacts who’d be able to provide such services to me for free (I had to give my own buy in of course! Lie or die!). Moments after I mentioned that, she excused herself and came back later with her manager, Remy.

Remy immediately jumped into the conversation with a very defensive stance with a tinge of sarcasm as he chided my friends and myself.

‘Your friend so good do for free? If like that, no business lah!’

‘Why don’t you intro your friend to me also like that. So good ah’

‘Don’t bother already lah. No point already. Just give him the two complimentary photo. No point to talk already’

I got my point across and managed to say ‘NO’ in a polite yet assertive manner which also pissed the manager off. I could have retorted but that wouldn’t have done me any better from the position I was in. I just wanted to leave with the two free photos!

As the photos were being transferred, I asked Mickey, ‘Out of curiosity, how much is the package?’

With a tinge of hesitation as she looked above her shoulders, ‘It’s a 4 figure sum’

I know that Mickey probably didn’t want to do this anymore than I wanted. She was simply what Network Marketeers would call, a DOWNLINE and Remy was her UPLINE.

Purely commission based, I’m pretty sure that Mickey wouldn’t be in this business any longer than she’d like to be if she lived up to her principles.

But anyways, here are the two complimentary photos from the shoot and oh! Just in case you had received my sms about the impending call since I referred you, remember! Say ‘NO’!

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