Improve Your Relationship!

Relationships are always tricky.

I’m not just referring to relationships between individuals but I’m referring to relationships in general. Relationships between countries and organisations at macro level and relationships between individuals at micro level.

Of course, before we can go macro, the issue first needs to be tackled at the micro level.

What am I talking about here?

I’m talking about relationships between men and women.

It is without a doubt that it is known to the world that men and women were made differently and we all accept that theory that men are different from women. But having accepted that theory, how many of us are able to accept those differences that make us men and women?

It’s a very simple word to say, yet a very difficult thing to do. Many of us say it all the time but when push comes to shove, we do the exact opposite and we find ourselves defending our differences rather than finding means and ways to move forward with our differences.

I could give generalist examples of the difference in attitudes between men and women but how would that really help?

Psychologists and relationship experts have often talked about these differences but how much of these talks have really struck a home-run?

Here are some things which I feel are required in order to move ahead in forging a good and harmonious relationship with the opposite gender first, before we move up the ladder to organisations and countries and perhaps achieve world peace.

I’m not exactly a relationship expert but I’ve managed to forge good relations with most of whom I’ve met. So, surely that counts for a reason why those people still ask me out for coffees or favours.

  1. Acceptance
    Accepting yourself as an individual first especially your flaws.
  2. Acceptance
    Accepting others as the individual that they are, that they want to be.
  3. Discuss
    Discussing openly with other individuals about the flaws and differences in you and in them and offer notable solutions towards going around those differences.
  4. Habitualizing
    Habitualizing whatever that you have discussed in your life as an example for others to follow.
  5. Educate
    Educate others on the first 4 steps and get them to educate others thereafter!

So, in short, in actually is AADHE, when pronounced sounds something like ADHERE, which is to follow!

It’s really that simple and I’m sure that if you do the same today, you’ll see significant change in your relationships with others.

Thanks for Farah for giving me the inspiration to write this!

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