On Celebrity Weddings – Huda Ali & Den Sabari

Attending events are always an affair whereby everyone tries to outdo another with their hairdo, make-up, clothes, heels, bags and at times, partner. Those are really normal things to expect but what you wouldn’t know what to expect is when a celebrity gets married.

You’d start to wonder how it’s really going to be like as most tabloids report from Hollywood BUT that is Hollywood! This is Singapore!

But aside from the distance, being a celebrity also means that there’ll be companies who are willing to work with you and sponsor you a variety of things including location, wedding dress, make-up, food and the list just goes on.

A few days back, I was invited to attend Huda Ali’s wedding, Anugerah Skrin 2006 winner. On first memory, I wasn’t sure if she really remembered who I am cause as far as I remember, we only met like twice or thrice when I was still working in MediaCorp.

But who am I to stake a claim in my memory huh? I have such terrible memory and well yes, she did remember me.
(Thanks Huda for the invitation!! Seriously, didn’t think you’d remember me except for the Abang Botak portion.)

The wedding was like a mini concert for Gumbira’s artise as Sleeq, Hyrul Anuar and Roze Kasmani crooned the crowd in attendance. And there I was wondering, what happened to the MediaCorp AMU Artise?

All questions aside, let’s just enjoy some photos from the wedding.

Selamat Pengantin Baru!

May your wedding be blessed with happiness, good fortune and health!

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