Singapore’s Flood in Cuffs

With all the floods in Singapore, it truly is a sensational story isn’t it?

One worthy of press coverage especially in areas whereby Civil Servants are hard at work trying to resolve or come to terms with the Act of God opposed to the cockiness of one old man. And in the midst of all the flood and press trying to make an extensive coverage of it, a little fiasco ensued.

The little fiasco between a Lianhe Wanbao photographer and a little unknown and stupid Police Officer took place at Upper Bukit Timah Road.

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As someone who still reports for reservist duty as a Police Officer, I am well aware of the Penal Code and Statutes that governs and dictates what a Police Officer can and cannot do.

Whilst there are many things that a Police Officer can do whereby he is empowered to do so having satisfied himself beyond reasonable doubt that a crime has been committed, there are also instances whereby Police Officers are strongly encouraged to exercise discretion in their line of duty.

This exercise of discretion threads on a very thin line but Police Officers are still able to make sustainable judgement calls depending on the situation. It would of course differ with the extend of the offence, if any, has been committed. The reason why such discretion is empowered to Police Officers is to ensure that Police Officers don’t waste resources over certain matters which could be settled amicably out of justice’s purview.

In this magnificent fiasco between the photographer and Police Officer, the photographer was doing his job to snap interesting shots of photographs of the flood when he was advised by the Police Officer to leave the scene. Yes, the flood could mean catastrophe for the photographer if his camera fell into the water but surely it didn’t warrant the officer to dish out his handcuff and to place the photographer under arrest for refusing to leave.

I don’t think such an arrest was called for especially when there was No Offence Disclosed. Sure, the photographer could be arrested for Interfering with Police Duties but this must be enacted only after several warnings have been meted out – again exercising patience and discretion. But this was perhaps, not to be, as how the information has been received through the press as the officer didn’t provide any form of warning nor exercised due diligence in carrying out his duties.

There is of course an understanding that should officers even hold someone, that person is in effect, under arrest. That is of course, going by law’s context but is ridiculous. For this poor photographer, he had the priviledge of having the cuffs on his wrist and then being pulled to the side without cause nor reason although I’m sure the Investigation Officer who attended to him must have been cringing in pain knowing that the Police Officer had acted stupidly without cause or reason for the Wrongful Arrest.

Having critiqued so much, we’ve only heard one side of the story. As in all judiciary establishments, it is important to hear the other side of the story. I’m sure the Singapore Police Force will be issuing a statement soon to either debunk the photographer’s story, apologize for the boo-boo or to accept the story but defend the officers ability in exercising discretion.

My take on this, sue the damn Singapore Police Force who will then put the officer on suspended patrolling duties, cut salary to half and hold the bonus till he is acquited from the case – THIS IS THE STANDARD PRACTICE.

On another take, I think god is really angry now that Singapore is SIN CITY. Haven’t you realized that we’re only getting floods after the Casino’s have been fully operational? It may be mere coincidence but surely, this is a point worth mulling over.

11 thoughts on “Singapore’s Flood in Cuffs

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  3. Your conscience is clear and do not have to worry about the investigation. Its the PAP gov’s scare tactics (which fails badly) to stop the people from getting the truth.

    I believed that the flood is caused by the Marina Barrage, the father’s vision. Thus it must not fail and must be successful!


  4. Zamzuri, I am proud to have a cop like you on our streets. Your words may have been jarring for your superiors, but your conscience is clear and I am sure you meant well.

    Sincerely, pritam


  5. Dear Singapore police Force and MHA,

    Very disappointed with the arrest.

    I can’t imagine the amount of txpayers resources that goes into this investigation when there are more important life threatening issues to solve. Like trying to lower the crime rates.

    You are setting a very third world standard of suppressing politcal views.

    Stop wasting you PC time on surfing the internet scouring for inncent up right citzens. The are the wants trying to uphold and building a democratic society, while you the so call “protectors” are destroying the very fisrt world dream Singapore is aspiring to be.

    YOUR JOB IS TO PROTECT not intimdate enslave citizens.

    Wong Kan Seng, your time as Minister for Home Affairs is up. Bisha-ToaPayoh GRC is going down.



  6. Courageous of you for standing up for your rights and opinion. Most people tend to shy way from issues such as these and keep quiet. This country will not advance and change of the better if people continue to keep quiet. Best regards to you and this is what a loyal Singaporean should be doing for the good of the country. Laws should be for the protection of its citizens!


  7. Singapore was described as “Capitalist Police State” , quote Tom Thumb

    “Singapore is a nasty little capitalist dictatorship with more police per capita than anywhere else in the world. Most of the actual law enforcement is done by cameras and computers but there thousands upon thousand of undercover agents on the lookout for dissenters who threaten to challenge the Golden Norm of society or the official religion of Consumerism.”

    The SPF has gotten too big for its boots! Go apprehend the real crooks, clean up the China prostitutes, deport protesting Foreign Labour. Send a few detachments to the UN to help police Somalia or something really useful to mankind instead of looking to “fix” your own citizens. Get a life before the Singapore populous starts referring to cops as P***, D***, and other nasty names.




  8. Do we have to remind WKS and MHA that they ALLOWED MAS SELAMAT to escape? You’ll definitely NOT be getting my vote, you should quietly slither into retirement.

    The system is a complete joke!

    The explanation given by the SPF on the cuffing of the photographer is also a complete joke! Face it, there is more action in a kindergarden with the kids playing “police & thief”.

    It shows the inability and extremely low caliber of the SPF.



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