A New Talent Search Of It’s Kind

With the end of Suria’s latest talent search for actors in Anugerah Skrin 2010 and the onslaught of honest and dishonest reviews from media of all kinds as well as home viewers and people on the streets, there has been perhaps plenty of questions lingering in the minds of many.

To start with, Singapore’s entertainment industry is small, very very small. The Malay community that Suria, MediaCorp is targeting, is also very very small, synonamous with the population census in Singapore. Next, take into consideration the number of Malays who watch Suria programmes, it is a much much smaller number as on average, most Malays prefer to watch the English or Mandarin channel or if you’re a Current Affairs junkie like me, you’d probably be tuning in to ChannelNews Asia all day long and I’m not even counting those who subscribe to cable tv.

With such statistics and national average in mind, Suria’s reality tv competition attracts only a small minority of viewers and the number of participants who register is also dependent on the type of competition organised.

As observed and proven by statistics, majority of Malays find it more entertaining to register for singing competitions compared to acting competitions. Not only that, singing competitions also attract a higher viewership compared to acting. I can’t exactly pin point the exact reasons for this phenomenon but I do suppose it’s because Malays love to sing, that’s why Cash Studio has such a huge following from the Malay community.

Now, reasons aside.

I think that perhaps, it’s time Suria took a change in policy and concept but of course, this needs to be approved by someone from the top.

Here’s my suggestion.

FORGET about singing and acting competitions per se. Let’s just focus on Beauty Pageants for both Males and Females.  Not just any kind of beauty pageant. It is a beauty pageant whereby contestants are required to first fulfill the criteria to be easily MARKETABLE.

What do I mean?

Males – At least 1.75m
Females – At least 1.70m
Pleasant looking and Telegenic faces ONLY need apply. No Talent required. Good command of Malay language not necessary.

This should be the first pre-requisite.

Why so?

Because tv stations, especially smaller ones like Suria and Vasantham, need to compete with bigger stations like Channel 5 and Channel 8 and therefore, talents first need to look good to compete in order to be able to sell well.

So, how exactly is this beauty pageant supposed to work?


Contestants will be put through Acting, Singing, Hosting and Grooming workshops and battle it out on stage every week. This way, smaller tv stations can rest assured that at least all the contestants who partake in this competition will be able to multi-task to Act, Sing and Host in all kinds of shows and programmes and still be able to be marketed overseas because they have good looks and could also possibly be potential runway models.

To those who are short and not so-good looking like me.

Maybe the stations can organised a separate one like how America’s Top Model has one for the shorter ones!

This way, smaller tv stations can market both Tall and Good Looking personalities as well as Short and Not-Good Looking personalities! More variety and easier to categorize too!!

Here’s an example:

Management Unit: “These are the list of our talents. This folder is for Tall and Good Looking personalities and this one is for the Short and Not Good Looking personalities. Do browse through and let us know”

Wouldn’t it so much simpler that way?

And if you don’t fit into either one category. There’s always the possiblity to open up a few more categories to compete but essentially everyone gets to learn how to Act, Sing, Host and Groom themselves!!!

What say you Singapore?

PS: If you are working in a TV Station and wish to implement a combination of any of these ideas. Please seek approval from me first! I think I deserve royalty for this ingenious idea. Copyright hor!! Thank you very much.

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