GST’s on You!

So, it’s the time Singaporeans have been waiting for – 1st July 2010!

For those who are in school, it’s Youth Day soon enough and for those who are above 21, well, check your bank! GST Credits have been banked in and if you’ve forgotten about it, well CPF sent you a letter about a month ago informing you that you’re to receive some of your tax money back.

Well of course, the amount we receive differs according to household size and for males, we receive an additional $50 for having completed National Service but you’d then have to ask yourself the purpose of this GST Credit.

The Republic of Singapore government has never done something without ever having thought things through which is why our government is perhaps one of the most efficient and deceiving in the world.

Whilst some of us were rejoicing in anticipation at receiving the GST Credits because we wanted to go out shopping in view of The Great Singapore Sale which clears away old stock at prices which don’t have much significance to the term SALE, suddenly you realized that you had something more to worry about.

The propagandic news and only free-to-air media agency, ChannelNews Asia, MediaCorp, suddenly reported on the eve of receiving your GST Credits that Electricity Tariffs were going up.


And the reason for this increase? Well obviously, it’s not about the oil anymore and I’m pretty sure this increase has been reviewed and planned for months ago because it takes a whole lot of time to get such proposals approved. SP Services mentions that the increase in tariffs is due to non-fuel components as a result of higher capital and operating costs of power generation.

In Singapore, a country where there’s a whole lot of monetary reserves, one would expect the government to be giving concessions to it’s citizens who are by the day, growing distant not just in terms of stature but also in financial balance sheets. Unfortunately, this is not the case, whilst the government proposes that Singaporeans pursue a life of greenery with their many campaigns promoting recycling and tree-plantings, they have still resorted to the use of oil when there are other more conceivable methods to generate electricity.

By this, I mean, the installation and use of Solar Panels.

True that solar panels could be expensive to install but that is only an initial capital cost, the benefits of harnessing solar’s energy and converting it into energy is way more feasible than to continue to be dependent on oil in tropical Singapore where we receive sunlight almost the entire year long. Incorporating such designs to include solar panels could have been implemented in new housing developments but have they?

The GST Credits was simply a means to pacify those who are short-sighted, narrow-minded and extremely uneducated as well as underpriviledged. For those who can see the bigger picture and understand the political and international economic situation with an education, they should realize that such tactics shouldn’t be a means to giving them the votes that the current party in place is hoping for because housing prices just went up again as well.

It’s no longer a playground for the middle income and poor in Singapore, it is a playground for the wealthy and filthy rich.

The GST Credit wasn’t meant for you, the GST is in fact, ON YOU!

3 thoughts on “GST’s on You!

  1. Hi, just to inform you, the new BTO in Punggol Waterfront will have solar panels to supply electricity for the common areas. They are starting to incorporate these features in the new developments.

    However, I am still sore abt the increase. 😦


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