Firehouse Still Burning!

If you haven’t really noticed, 2010 has been a year whereby plenty of performing acts have been doing their shows here.

We had an array of performances over the past few months with international and regional performances mostly from neighbouring country Indonesia and the last big one would have to be the guy whom I’ve been said to closely resemble if I wear shades, Pitbull.

Earlier, Firehouse was in town rocking the night away at Fort Canning Green and I was lucky enough to have been invited to attend the concert complements from old pals over at MediaCorp.

Belting out hit songs from their albums, Firehouse last visited Singapore in 1998 and who would have thought that age wouldn’t have been a factor for them to last through a 1.5hour long concert.

With a fully packed Fort Canning Green, they cheered and wow-ed the crowd on throughout the concert with songs such as When I Look Into Your Eyes and crowd pleaser, I Live My Life For You.

Enough said, here are some of the clips taken from their concert. Please excuse the one who’s joining in the fun singing along. He’s trying to improve on his singing!!

To catch the rest of the videos, surf on to my youtube site! Wolvy14.

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