Middle-East Military Intervention

Politics in the Middle-East has always been one whereby huge nations around the world love to partake in simple because of the treasures available. The oil and gas factor in the Middle-East has been a cause for headache for many around the world for decades now and it is still ongoing. The attack on Iraq by the United States was no more than just a means to control one of the world’s oil wells and this was well pre-planned as the United States government had issued out tenders for oil rigs way ahead of the invasion.

Iraq was the poor country with a good media angle for attack by the United States ever since Saddam Hussein got played out by the United States after giving permission to invade Kuwait. No weapons of mass destruction were found yet insistence to invade was so high and convinced were they in the White House only because they had intended for it and convicing were they to influence the media to publish such stories and the media paid no attention to investigative journalism to seek for more answers.

Iraq has now since passed and the United States are still ‘searching’ for Osama Bin Laden post 9-11 which was also a farce since detonating devices were implanted all around the corners at every level of the World Trade Center to ensure that it would nicely crash to the ground leaving only molten steel behind. Having secured the ability to extract oil and gas from Iraq at profitable prices and controlling the drug market in Afghanistan (why do you tink they invaded Afghanistan? It was because Talebans were doing a magnificent job destroying all the drug producing crops!), United States are now turning towards the next big catch, Iran.

Iran is by no means a pushover.

Iran as the world’s 4th producing nation for oil is also home to the smartest and bravest President they’ve had in years, Dr Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Outspoken against United States as a proxy for Israel, he’s been the cause for many economic sanctions against Iran. Iran is now the target for Israel and United States as it pursues it’s ambitions to amass nuclear capabilities.

Whilst Iran has constantly been placed on economic sanctions for refusing to come to the peace table and accept nuclear deals which do not benefit them by the United States, Israel has been kept out of the light despite it being the first and only Middle-East nation to own nuclear weapons. Israel, hiding behind the walls of United States, has played its cards to ensure that the influence of United States is being looked upon as a serious consideration and that countries in the UN Security Council must abide by it’s pro-nuclear armed Israel against nuclear-ambition Iran.

Smart as the man is, Ahmadinejad has managed to secure a nuclear deal and peace pact with Brazil and Turkey whilst keeping economic ties with Russia and China, both of whom hold veto powers in UN Security Council. This strategy ultimately shames United States and angers Israel.

There is without a doubt that Israel will push for a military intervention against Iran to prevent Iran from achieving its peaceful nuclear programme. Israel simply lives in fear of it’s neighbours and Iran has done a good job to keep Israel on its toes but for how much longer? Another bad PR disaster for Israel wouldn’t do any good for anyone as Israel will always escape unscathed and continue to throw its tantrums against United States who will then pacify the zionist state by giving in to its demands.

This giving in to Israel demands is the only means for the President to remain in power since political and business elites in United States are pro-Israel, regardless of the cause – humane or inhumane.

This leaves a huge question hanging as to the policy and stand that US President Barack Obama must make in relation to its counterpart Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadnejad whilst keeping good friend, Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu close by.

The only thing left to ask now will be, ‘When will United States or Israel begin their military intervention on Iran?’ in a bid to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear capabilities, if any.

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