Reflecting 6 months of 2010

Time has been turning the clock real quick for me and my friends this year and I’m sure for many of you out there as well. It’s already the end of June and you wonder what have you been doing this past whole year so far.

Has it been as good as you wished or are you happier now than before?

We should be ticking on the ‘YES’ boxes for positivity in both sections but it’s not always the same for everyone. Challenges surmount us all the time but GOD always knows best how much we can take and never gives us more than what we can handle.

With just a few more days left to the end of June, officially signalling either you’ve wasted 6 months of 2010 or congratulations, 6 months of achievement, which one do you fall under?

My tick boxes read as follows:

‘YES’ – Happier Than Before
Reason: I’m still waking up late everyday, doing my own readings and doing work that I only enjoy and getting paid for them.

‘NO’ – As Good As You Wished
Reason: I really should be doing more and be getting more projects in but not everyone wants someone who’s good at doing something without certification. Some projects should have been flying but are stuck albeit moved a little since 2 years back. But there’s also other opportunities that come which I’m looking forward to.

As a huge procastinator, I’m really wondering where I’d fall under; ‘Wasted 6 Months’ or ‘Congrats! 6 months of Achievement!’. There never should be one where you’d sit in the middle because that’s like telling yourself, ‘Congrats! You Wasted TIME that could have led to Achievements!’ but I sadly do fall under that category this year.

What would I do to chart a better 6 months then?

I’d have to get projects rolling in of course and this will have to be done with writing proposals, proposals and more proposals. With so much proposals that I do, it’s ironic that the only proposal I never do is to propose to a girl, not that I have any to begin with but doesn’t mean I don’t have anyone in mind.

Dad’s really pushing me to get married early everytime I see him. He probably thinks that at 26 I should be having a wife and kids already. Well, I do have a wife and I do have so many kids already but it’s just never been matrimonial and never lasts longer than several weeks, so it keeps changing all the time. Not that I enjoy being a ‘Playboy’ but that’s just how life is like for me.

Wife is the work that I get married to when I have a project and Kids are the learners that I have which I give full attention to.

Perhaps, someday, I’ll be able to have one of my own under matrimonial circumstances but for now, I’ll be contented with being GodFather and Uncle to two newborns into my life, Shaura Marissa and Batrisyia, born separate from one another separated by a day by a different set of parents of whom, both are really good friends.

Congrats Siti Zalinah Adam and Fazlan (Shaura Marissa) and Noris Ishak and Yusri (Batrisyia).

Here are some photos of Shaura Marissa and a video of her uttering her first few words. I’ll see you soon Batrisyia okay!

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