Hyrul Anuar Announces Sesebuah Perubahan

Set atop the hill facing a reformed cemetery, Hotel Re ! was the location where Hyrul Anuar chose to announce ‘Sesebuah Perubahan’ (A Change). This change, synonamously chosen or not, was the symbolic term for the release of his FIRST ALBUM in a new beginning after 5 long years having won Anugerah in 2005.

‘Sesebuah Perubahan’ was more than just the long-awaited album that Hyrul and his loyal fans, Hyrulites have been waiting for. It is also an announcement to the very past that he has since managed to overcome in his quest to release an album and finally be termed as a recording artise.

Surrounded by those close to his heart, the launch of ‘Sesebuah Perubahan’ saw family members, fans and friends from all walks of life (Gentarasa 2010, SangSinga Purba, Celebrities, Radio Personalities and Producers) giving him the much needed support that he was looking for.

The attendance at his launch was a far more livelier affair (from what I deduced) compared to fellow Anugerah Champion, Sarah Aqilah who also recently launched her album and also attended the launch on a personal invitation by Hyrul himself.

Belting out several songs from his album, Hyrul simply looked like he was getting married to his album and with those attending taking photos with the reborn artise, he was no doubt a new man ready to take on the entertainment world by storm as how he did once when he was crowned champion in 2005.

Paying credence to his success, Hyrul paid homage several times to those who had made it possible, reiterating how much he appreciated the efforts thrown in.

I wish Hyrul Anuar all the best for this new change and definitely hope that the grass is greener on the other side (I meant this metaphorically!).

Here are some photos from the launch and videos of his songs.


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For remaining videos, visit my youtube site!

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