Living Healthy

Sports, a type of physical activity which results in muscle aches and potential injuries for the benefit of a healthier mind and body.

Sports was something that I grew up and lived with. I never moved myself away from sports as it was a part of my life and helped to shape me into who I am today. There were of course many different type of sports that I have participated or have been involved in throughout my life.

I did cycling, silat, tennis, squash, badminton, soccer, track & field, rugby and dragonboating.

I’m not so much of an established sportsman during my active days but surely it must count for something when I’ve played some sports at very competitive high level.

Soccer for Chongfu Primary, MILO Soccer (training squad), Jubilee Sports Association and Marsiling RC Inter-Constituency Team as well as Clementi Khalsa (selection squad).

Rugby for Singapore Polytechnic, M1 Touch and IVP.

Track & Field for Chongfu Primary, North View Secondary and Jurong Police Division participating in Long Jump, 400m, 4x100m, 4x400m, 1500m, 3000m, Nike Swift and National Inter-School Cross Country.

Dragonboat for Jurong Police Division.

These were sports whereby I’d participated competitively at high levels. Some of which I won medals whilst some, were just out of interest.

These days, I haven’t played any sports competitively or even put myself through any form of maintenance training to keep myself fit. The only sports I now engage myself in is the sport of binge eating and snacking where I’ve earned myself a nice single pouch and a 3-inch increase in waist size from a 6-pack durian that I used to walk around with. That’s not to say that I’m not the least bothered by this increase in weight and waist and change in physical attribute but I just miss attending rigorous trainings and coming back home with cramps and aches.

I really do miss getting back into sports and if there’s a sport that I’d love to get back into, it’ll only be either Soccer or Rugby.

I can’t possibly leave soccer for that’s where most of skills lie and where I’m most proficient at but the game of soccer in Singapore is really such a bore even with S-League and the many other divisional leagues. I’m not trying to criticize the fitness level at which our local footballers are at but having played soccer at some degree of competitiveness and being involved in training with a professional soccer club, I realized that it was all nothing.

The day I got myself into rugby and attended training for the first time, I was totally shocked at the intensity of the training and the game. It was like perhaps, three times more work that I had to put in for a school training compared to a soccer club training. I remember I was exhausted just minutes into training and was thinking to myself that soccer was a breeze, like a walk in the park but this new sport required me to not just to use my legs, but also my hands and body.

And I also remember playing the M1 Touch tournament during the fasting month of Ramadhan. I’d have survived a soccer match in Ramadhan but I was close to dehydration after just one short game of 15 minutes and had to drink up to stay hydrated for the rest of the other matches. It was my first ever rugby match where I committed the biggest sin by tackling like a soccer player, using my leg and I remember getting scolded so much for that. But that first encounter also led me to winning my first medal in rugby taking home the third place.

The rugby medal was worth more than any of the other medals I’ve won before with Soccer or Track & Field.

And well, at this juncture, I am feeling rather itchy to start playing rugby or soccer once more, competitively. I know that I’ll need to be brushed up in trainings, to lose weight and inches and to rebuild those now dormant muscles before I can be fit but I am willing to go through all that. I just can’t live my life like a potato couch anymore.

If there’s one thing I really miss about my body, it’s how healthy it used to feel and to begin, I’m getting off the cigarettes.

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