Polo, A Sport Not For Everyone

The game of polo has never been a game that many of us are familiar with, simply because the game requires you to be on a horse to score goals much. This game, played on a grass turf requires plenty of skill to not just ride and control the horse but also to control the stick that you will be using as a polo player to score.

Just over the weekend, the Singapore Polo Club saw the finals of it’s Audemars Piguet Gold Cup tournament where AP Singapore took on AP International. This event, attended by members of the high society such as the High Commissioner of Pakistan, CEOs, Managing Directors as well as socialites is a much celebrated sporting event in the Singapore Polo Club’s calendar with Audemars Piguet as the title sponsor.

The two competing teams which consisted of professional polo players from the world over such as Craig Wilson and Ignacio “Nacho” Figueras (Polo Ralph Lauren model) also saw local players Ang Roon Kai (National Serviceman), Sattar Khan and Ameer Jumabhoy take centrestage.

The match, observed from the stands entertained the crowd with an exhilirating finish of 17 goals in total, AP Singapore beating AP International by a goal with the score at 9 – 8 at the final ring of the bell. Ingacio “Nacho” Figueras scoring 5 of the goals and Ang Roon Kai receiving the award for Most Valuable Player having slotted in 2 goals.

Having observed the rules of the game and the group of individual attending and playing the game, the game of polo is a sports activity that not everyone can afford, especially not the middle-class or the poor. A polo player requires to own a minimum of two ponies (they don’t call them horses) which you’ll need to maintain in order to play this game. If putting food on the table is something you find difficulty in, then you better forget playing polo at the moment because ponies eat more than man!

So, if you get my drift, this game is played only by the rich and wealthy and for those of you who have the opportunity to attend such polo matches in the future. You may just feel out of place if you are not dressed appropriately and don’t enjoy sipping a glass of champagne in hot weather donning sunhats (for the ladies) and jackets for the men.

Here are some photos from Singapore Polo Club’s Annual Gala Dinner and AP Gold Cup Tournament Finals

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