Playing It Smart, Outsmart The Israeli Government

Most of the time, I’m someone who’s calm and collected and is able to dissect information and critically analyze such information before making my posts especially when it comes to political issues. However, the recent spate in the Middle East with the Flotilla raid by Israel’s commandos on board the vessel in International Waters was just a bit too much for me to take. Which was why for most of you who’ve read my previous post on this issue, I was expressing my views rather incoherently as how anger always does.

But who wouldn’t have been angry?

As a fellow Muslim (okay this is bias) and someone who lives in a pluralistic society in Singapore where peace is cherished, I cannot come to terms with how peaceful activists were treated (I have issues with how the Singapore government quells anti-government protests too!). No doubt, there have been differing opinions about the actual chain of events that occurred on board the ship with the Israelis deploying their ever convincing public relations strategy to reason the actions in relation to the video that the IDF released (the only video released so far mind you).

In the wake of the arrests and release of hundreds of the activists, many have stepped forward to give their version of the story on board Mavi Marmara and how the Israelis had actually shot and killed 9 activists for fighting using sticks and what have you against THE MOST feared soldiers in the world armed with rifles. And then you have Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu coming out to critique the world for focusing it’s attention on them when more people have died in the Bangkok protests.

I’m not particularly sure about how this deflection of attention was supposed to work but the death of many in Bangkok has already been looked into by Human Rights Watch agency and several others who are pursuing civil action lawsuit which Thailand PM Abhisit has acknowledged and accepted. If there’s one thing to learn from history which I suppose the whole world is aware about, the Israeli government has a very cunning way of turning the attention away from them. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if the Israeli citizens who live under such propagandic media spurned to cause hatred towards anyone who’s against them is aware of what the rest of the world thinks about them.

I do have a feeling that they even refuse to acknowledge what the rest of the world is telling them.

This is at best presented by example of how the Japanese government had used propaganda in the past and had successfully managed to conceal the misdeeds of the old empire during the Japanese occupation which had resulted in the deaths of many others through torturous crimes.

I’m not trying to say that all Jews are similar to the one demonstrated by the Israeli government – being cruel and manipulative, but I don’t suppose anyone recalled whatever happened to the Goldstone Report which found Israeli guilty of war crimes. That was just recent too and even it was managed darn well by the Israeli government’s manipulative use of public relations. If there’s anything to go by, the Israeli government probably has control over the American media since most of the media in America is Jewish-owned. And most of us around the world stupidly watch, listen and believe what the American media tells us thus, incapacitating our ability to think intellectually beyond what is presented on television and what is real. This could also be because we are so caught up in work that we just absorb whatever information is fed to us which again makes us less of intellect beings.

If anyone is to be a smart intellectual, I’m sure they wouldn’t have lacked such compassion to have produced this video, making a mockery out of those who were on board the Flotilla and the countries they came from.

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