Awallah Dondang 2010 – Fajar Menyingsing

As a performing member in Awallah Dondang in 2004, I remember that it was extremely fun and exciting as well as boring (lots of waiting!) to be backstage just waiting to go on stage especially since I was going to be performing in the newly built, Singapore Polytechnic Convention Centre.

Over the weekend, I attended the preview performance of this year’s Awallah Dondang titled Fajar Menyingsing covering the event on behalf of I wasn’t sure what to expect as this would only be the first time I’m watching Awallah Dondang as an audience considering that in the other years’, I was pretty much non-existent or wasn’t well informed.

It brought back fond memories of how it was like for me as a student and suddenly, I’m now part of the media watching students perform and perhaps even reviewing them. Well of course, I could have been or could still be one of those students should I have been accepted or decide to enrol myself into NTU/NIE in the coming years. Nevertheless, watching these undergrads whom I found out were nascent performers in theatre as how I’d consider myself when I was performing in 2004, was extremely heartwarming.

Most of them were first timers and in the cast, there he was, a fellow member of SangSinga Purba who was never really active and now, performing as a supporting cast. With the stage set in Republic Poly and cast all ready to go, these performers put up a magnificent display even it was just for a preview show touching my heart and almost putting me to tears with their acting which was much better than watching Anugerah Skrin.

For a moment whilst watching the short 3 out of 15 scenes that they performed, I rekindled the times when I used to perform and rehearse with the pain of asking myself if what I was doing was truly worth it. I’m sure the cast and crew feel the same way too as to whether or not their time and effort will be paid for in gratitude shown by the audience. It’s even more so stressful for the directors and producers too, considering that I have been in such a situation before to perhaps question themselves if they will be able to pull the strings to have this show. I’ve been disappointed enough to have attempted to produce a performance which couldn’t rally enough support by means of the controversial script that many were skeptical to make any sponsorships. IT STILL IS A GOOD SCRIPT and I’m still hoping that one day everyone will want to come together to have it staged.

Nevertheless, lesson learnt and I have better experience in understanding of what needs to be tackled early on and what’s to be expected of. I’m really looking forward to the performance by the NTU/NIE undergrads as I’m sure they’ll put up a magnificent display albeit a storyline that most of us would be much accustomed to. Having said that, I’m really hoping to be surprised as how the director had promised.

So, I’d rally on for those of you who are into performing arts and have nothing planned out for in the coming weekend, come watch this show. I know it’s on the same day as Gentarasa and Rewang Nak Tari, so, if it’s any consolation – come for the show on 18th June! Then you can make a decision for whether or not you’d like to watch Gentarasa or Rewang Nak Tari on 19th!

Details for tickets can be found at!

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