Indonesian Bands Festival 2010 in Singapore

If you’re into Indonesian music, then you gotta love what Singapore’s bringing to you because seems like 2010 is the year for Indonesian Bands.

Just a few months back, UNGU was in town to perform at Singapore Indoor Stadium and just recently, more like yesterday, 2nd June, Sheila on 7 and D’Massiv performed to a crowd at Fort Canning Green.

So, with three of the big bands from Indonesia already here, who else is there left?

Peterpan will be in Singapore in August to perform, this time it’ll be near the Big Splash area, at the playground on the eve of National Day, 8th August.

So many Indonesian bands coming to town, I’m expecting Singaporeans to be speaking Bahasa Indonesia soon enough! Or wait? Is this perhaps pure coincidence with Ministry of Education’s stand to give an uplift to the Malay Language?

Anyways, here are clips taken from the Press Conference that I attended for Indo Music Fest.

You can still catch Sheila on 7 and D’Massiv in Singapore for the coming two days.
Details available at

To find out more about Peterpan’s performance, visit the Facebook group:!/event.php?eid=125805044106614&ref=mf

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