Holidays can mean a lot of things and could also give one a whole new set of experiences. Different individuals have different opinions alone on what holidays mean. Some people see holidays as a means to just rest and do nothing whilst others may see holidays as the opportunity to travel and visit places of interest or to visit loved ones.

In the recently passed ‘Vesak Day’ holiday, I decided to travel up north of Singapore towards the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur. It was planned only three weeks prior to the trip and therefore, you can imagine how unplanned it must have been especially when you are travelling with a new travel mate with a really tight budget in mind.

Skipping Friday prayers to make this trip, I felt extremely guilty skipping a few hours of my sleep just to leave home in the wee hours of the morning to catch the bus in Johor Bahru. By advice, we took the bus from Woodlands Centre Road into Larkin at about 8am just to be sure that we reached Larkin by 9am to have breakfast before boarding the bus towards Kuala Lumpur at 10am.

And thank god I listened to the advice for we reached Larkin at 9.45am in view of the heavy traffic out of Singapore and into Malaysia with lots of families taking this time to travel out of tiny and space constraint Singapore. Hungry, we only managed to grab quick bites from a pastry stall and slept on an almost empty stomach for the next five hours of our journey to Kuala Lumpur on board the most dangerous bus service, Konsortium for RM31.20.

This wasn’t the first time I had travelled to Malaysia on board Konsortium and I was really looking forward for breakfast at Puduraya but therein was another shock for us when we realized that the bus terminal had shifted to Bukit Jalil instead as Puduraya was under construction. The Lost Lonely Boys were so stunned that we had no clue on how to get out of there that the only thought was to catch a cab out of there.

Unexpectedly, we were served by a new brand of cabs that fleeced us of our money. Similar to Singapore’s Chrysler cabs, these KIA cabs were the premier cabs which imposed high surcharges on entry at RM6 and the meter jumped liked how a sex bunny would excitedly only that it never jumped down, our total ride cost us RM41.20 – more than our trip from JB – KL!

That was the only cab ride we could afford and for the rest of the entire trip we were on the Monorails, LRTs and Commuter or in free car rides courtesy of our lovely friends and family members. With the worst behind us, I travelled to parts of nearby Kuala Lumpur that I’ve never been to before.

From Padang Jawa in Shah Alam for lunch at Restoran Putera Ayu to pick up fish at the wet market in Kuala Selangor. And there I was treated to an eye feast of seafood where there were fish as huge as my thighs and prawns as long as my hand. I also visited Dataran Merdeka for a sense of ‘Satu Malaysia’ (One Malaysia) and then to Bukit Langat near Ampang for a spectacular view of Kuala Lumpur at night. This was the second time I’ve been here and in slightly more than a year, a restaurant has been opened to occupy the previously quiet night sky of the ‘Look Out Point’.

I also travelled to Damansara for two games of bowling with a score of 151 in my second game and visited Malaysia’s first IKEA store which sold items at much cheaper prices than Singapore’s. Supper was then at Asia Cafe in Subang Jaya which reminded me a lot of Kemang Food Fest in Jakarta where I had food poisoning, so, you could imagine how terrified I must have been to try the food there.

Then there was the occasional visits to the different malls in Bukit Bintang and I finally visited KL Tower. Never expected it to be so expensive at RM38. We had planned to visit the Petronas Twin Towers Skybridge but ‘Free Tickets’ meant that you had to queue up as early as before dawn to be entitled to one.

Our hotel room was a really cosy and kinky one whereby you could watch one another in the showers from your bedside. I totally recommend this for dating couples or just married couples who need some excitement in their relationship. The hotel in mention is Stay Orange hotel located at Petaling Street.

This holiday trip was one that definitely kept me up all night long with so many visits under such tight budget. I’d definitely suggest a little bit more research with the locals on what’s the latest before travelling out. So, next trip will be Indonesia!

Avocados up for ordering! Anyone?

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