Roze Kasmani’s Launch(ed)!

Roze Kasmani, talent spotted by Imran Ajmain some years back had her first official Media Launch on the release of her first single earlier on 26 May 2010 at Badoque which is at Simpang Bedok. Rhymes eh?!

Roze, was also crowned as Singapore’s Beyonce in a talent search for the aforementioned! You guys should really check her out in person with that groove!!

Roze, who since releasing her single, ‘Harum’ (Fragrant is the correct term in English but I prefer Smells Nice cause it sounds cuter?), had her song skyrocket to number 6 on Singapore’s local Malay radio station, RIA 89.7fm charts from the 20th spot within a week.

The media launch specially organised by Gumbira for friends of the media saw several local names and will be featured in the upcoming episode of JUS!, to be telecast LIVE! on Suria, MediaCorp.

A big THANK YOU to GUMBIRA for the invitation. It’s an honour to be considered, ‘Friends of Media’! It’s like how when I used to work at the Zoo, they had this ‘Friends of Zoo’! I KID YOU NOT!

So enough of introductions, here’s a short clip of my interview with Roze herself and her single, ‘Harum’.

To listen to the other two songs performed, ‘Perfume’ and ‘Tamak’ (Greedy) and MORE from me, visit:
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