Bangkok Dangerous

‘Bangkok Dangerous’, just like the name of the movie is exactly what Bangkok, Thailand is now – DANGEROUS.

Dangerous because protests have turned violent.

Dangerous because 36 people have died.

Dangerous because 244 people have been injured.

Dangerous because live ammunition is used.

Dangerous because protestors and authorities will kill anyone deemed to be of threat which was how an idiot playing a laser pointer pointed at an army officer was shot because he was thought to be a red shirt sniper.

As an independent observer, I cannot help but blame the cause of all these violence and deaths on the red shirt leaders who have disregarded the lives of their fellow protestors by rallying them into the line of fire.

Peaceful as they were, the government had reacted peacefully to their demands but it was also only right for the government to have reacted in such manner when the leaders made additional demands from what had already been agreed on.

Clearly, such demands were targeted towards bringing down the Abhisit governance because the man targeted by the red shirt leaders to step down was a person of influence that was a hindrance to Thaksin’s anticipated comeback.

Abhisit has, in my opinion, been a very lenient leader throughout the process having allowed the protestors to grow in numbers until such time when it was unbecoming of them as it was affecting businesses, tourists and livelihood of more than just the protestors. The whole country’s economy has been affected as a cause of this protest and Abhisit has perhaps been trying to find peaceful resolutions towards ending their protests by giving in to their demands as much as he could.

I’m also glad that Abhisit government is keeping a close watch over Thaksin’s bank account – this is something they should have done a long time ago, because obviously money has been channeled via a proxy to fund these red shirt protest movements. The only problem now will be, who’s side will these foreign offshore banks be on? Thaksin or the government?

Whatever the case, I’m totally throwing my support behind Abhisit’s government at the moment with whatever they are doing. Hopefully, in a few months time, Bangkok will no longer be dangerous and once again, an abode of peace that we all love.

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