The Singapore Malays Jihad

Melayu – Malay

The name Malay in Singapore’s context reaches deep, far and wide.

Malays, have been negatively stereotyped as:

and perhaps a few more adjectives.

Malays have also been positively stereotyped as:

and many more adjectives.

In dissecting the individual context of each adjective, the smart mind needs to critically analyze which section of the words apply to the Malay community. The smarter mind also needs to critically analyze the same words with the other racial groups of the community.

But I’m not going to dissect each individual adjective, your smart brain should do that and you should be doing a reflection on how true is that.

I’m going to talk about how a select group of Malays love to talk about others but don’t do a single bit. These are the Malays whom I’d classify as ‘Bagaikan Kacang Lupakan Kulit’ (Forgetting their own roots).

These Malays love to complain about other Malays whom they see in need of assistance but refuse to lend a helping hand. The reason they give – cannot be bothered. But these select group of Malays who cannot be bothered forget that in today’s cruel society, you are judged not as an individual but as a collective group. Which means to say that if you are in a group of 100 and 10 of you are well-dressed, whilst the remaining 90 are not. Collectively, all of you are not well-dressed and because you belong to the group, there is no way you can argue out of it that statistically, you probably don’t dress as well unless you are being scrutinized.

The same problem and logic applies to community issues.

Many talk and swear and pity our Malay community who are poor, live in shelters, are homeless, etc. but when you talk about helping, they’d only go as far as wanting to provide monetary support. Ask them to step in to get dirty and they’d probably refuse because it’s just simply NOT COOL.

How are we then as Malays going to push on to improve the state of the community if not everyone’s heart and soul is in it. There’s a Malay proverb for that, ‘Bersatu Kita Teguh, Bercerai Kita Roboh’ (Together we are strong, Separated we crumble).

The Malays are smart and our forefathers are very smart individuals. How else would they have been able to coin such proverbs and also quirky pantuns that we proudly still use today, ‘Satu dua kucing berlari, mana nak sama si kucing belang, Dua tiga aku mencari, mana nak sama (insert name) seorang’.

The Malays of today need to come and stand together as one, to help one another and provide more than just monetary support. In Singapore, we’re a small community. If amongst ourselves, we are unable to put aside our differences to work together to go far, how are we to be proud of who we really are as an individual and then as a community.

The Indonesians fought their war against the Dutch as a unit to gain independence.

This is our war, this is our jihad.

It’s a long jihad ahead but surely, we’ll get there someday.

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