Thaksin, The Free-Reign Terrorist

Thailand, the land of smiles, is now burgeoned into civil unrest as a cause of it’s deposed Prime Minister, Thaksin.

Whilst there may be some of us who support Thaksin, are we really supporting a worthy cause of democracy?

Everyday we read and watch the news about Thailand’s civil unrest and the news or international community does not bother to hold interviews with political experts to seek the answers behind it. The reason behind this is simple, uncovering what Thaksin does will open pandora’s box to the secret of why such individuals like him have been allowed to reign and roam freely around the world despite his assets being frozen.

Political and civil unrest reflected in the television only serve to distract many from the truth.

How many of us have ever really thought about how the protesters are willing and able to leave their homes to travel to Bangkok to protest? What economic gain is there for them especially since they are poor individuals. There’s more question when such demonstrations can last for weeks and months and as poor individuals, how do they survive? Shouldn’t they be more concerned about earning a living to get themselves out of their financial situation rather than spend time protesting, unless they were being rewarded?

The truth behind the cause for the unrest is Thaksin.

Thaksin funds these demonstrations to put him back to power. The power that he stands to gain from this political game will ensure that he is able to protect his wealth of which only a fraction is returned to the people.

The countries which refuse to deport him or refuse him entry are supporting him simply because they stand to gain from him when he becomes PM, again. Or he is simply helping to bolster their economy or to help fatten the pockets of those who rule that country.

If you are reading this, you could probably disagree with what is said here but that is the truth.

Such demonstrations and support for an individual who has been found guilty by the justice system of the country clearly makes him a criminal on the run. And since he’s funding the demonstrations which has resulted in deaths doesn’t make him any less of a terrorist than the very same people who invaded Iraq and funded 9/11, who have also been allowed to reign free from international justice despite the many evidences to prove otherwise.

We all love Thailand for it’s diverse culture, heritage and people.

So, stop supporting Thaksin to bring peace.

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