Hassles on Wedding Preparations

I’m not married yet nor have I prepared myself to get married but that’s only because I chose to be.

But what I do have is experience with preparations for events and one of them would include wedding preparations.

Preparations for a wedding especially for Malay/ Muslims in Singapore has very often been a very exciting albeit stressful one.

Couples need to begin planning for their marriage at least 2 years before the intended solemnisation and the list of what they want to have could go a long way.

The very common list that most couples have are as such:
– Solemisation Venue
– Wedding Reception Venue
– Mak Andam/ Make-Up Artise
– Number of change of clothes
– Food Reception
– Door Gifts
– Car to be driven in
– Dowry
– Tok Kadi
– Dais
– Entertainment (Dances, Silat, Live Music, DJ)

Depending on what the couple decide from the above, the cost of the wedding itself can range from between $15k – $30k.

Now, the question here will be, is that what you really want and need?

Sure, the hassles of all the above can be offset by hiring a wedding planner like myself or many others out there to help you get the best bargains and relief you of the stress of planning but there is another method that you can employ.

Simply put, lay down what you need for your wedding first. What are the MUST HAVE essentials in your wedding. These items should be those that conform to the religion and since we’re on the Malay/Muslim community, the focus should be what are the items listed as ‘Wajib’ in Islam in order to get married.

From what I can recall, ‘Wajib’ items in Islam for marriage are the following:
– Groom of sound mind
– Bride of sound mind
– Mas Kahwin
– Kadi and/or Father of Bride or A Male Next Of Kin To The Bride (should father have passed away)
– Witnesses

Very simple to get married in Islam. Not much hassle I tell you!

Now, I’m sure if you intend you get married, the ‘Wajibs’ would have been satisfied.

The rest of the items are mainly optional, meaning, there is absolutely no need for you to have the following:
– Wedding Reception Venue
– Mak Andam/ Make-Up Artise
– Change of clothes
– Car
– Food Reception
– Door Gifts
– Dais
– Entertainment

But should you want to have, then I honestly suggest that you check your budget and plan early if you don’t intend on hiring someone like me to do the running around for you. If you’re too busy or lazy to plan, then please do engage me. I’ll ensure I see your wedding through to the very end.

Now certain things, can defiinitely be made do without.

It’s not about losing face (don’t bother about this because what’s the point of getting praise for having a huge wedding only to realize that you paid a huge sum for it and incurred debt or worst, you know you could have used that money to pay for your honeymoon or downpayment for a home), it’s about knowing that you can be happy that your wedding went smoothly and you still have money and can be happy.

Anyways, should your marriage be a failure (which I hope not), you don’t have to start whining and complaining that you shouldn’t have spent that much of a fortune on a days’ event which took you 2 years to save up!

So, there you go for a Hassle-Free Wedding!

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