Avatar in Reality

Probably the first action sci-fi movie that i’ve watched in a theatre for a very long time and it sure was worth every bit of penny for the first row seats to watch it in 3d.

Avatar, the story of how humans in their conquest to get hold of resources sacred to the indigenous people of an alien-like tribe called, Na’vi, would be willing to forgo diplomatic ties through superior means of war machines.

To the normal audience, the movie is exciting and takes you through incredible graphics for 2hrs 41mins but for the observant, the movie is a reflection of what reality is.

Incredibly rich with natural resources believed to be emitting energy harnessed over centuries of ancestral heritage, the Na’vi protect this greater energy found to be extremely sacred. Humans on the other hand, in their quest for greed plough into their homes destroying it along with several lives of which they consider necessary to obtain this energy.

In reality, Avatar echoes similar reflections to the relationship that man has with natural resources (oil). In man’s greed to acquire energy in Iraq, they ignore society’s call for human rights and create propagandas to make others believe that the conquest is for a greater cause to combat terrorism. Iraq was a blatant energy conquest by United States and now, Iran faces the same danger unless the Iranian government allows foreign investments to have a share in their oil. African nations have for years already suffered at the hands of corporations hungry for more oil.

Nevertheless, as demonstrated in Avatar, the power of people coming together to fight against such conquest is possible but for this to happen, people around the world from different backgrounds and roots must be prepared to put up a fight.

A fight that will cost lives but one that will be better for generations to come.

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