What’s Abd?!!


The evening where I spent 3 hours on the expressway because my bike ran out of petrol.

With great friends like Nish, Alfie and Jihad, I know I’ll miss them when I migrate in a few years.

A big thanks to Nish and Alfie who came to my rescue with petrol despite being out on a date. I’m so sorry but I hope you lovebirds had fun picniking with me on the Mandai Flyover.

Unfortunately, the petrol didn’t quite do the magic.

Thanks to Jihad who rode down from Singapore Polytechnic to provide me with some assistance. Well, we pushed the bike back about 1km before EMAS came to my rescue!!

It was quite an experience for me because pushing my bike for about 3km is no joke especially when it’s an uphill that you’re pushing against! I had to stop every two lamposts because it was just so tiring!

I can only thank god that I had half a bottle of mineral water with
me cause I’d have fainted otherwise! I learnt one thing good though! If you’re stuck on the expressway, just stay where you are or move into where the camera can see you cause EMAS will come and save you for FREE!!!!!

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