*Ahh Chooo!*

What’s Abd?!!

I didn’t eat the flesh of swine and yet I’m still infected with flu.

I guess this is the post Kuala Lumpur (KL) illness cause apparently it didn’t just hit me. In fact, all of us who went to KL are sick now.

In what was my virgin show outside of Singapore, I’d have to say that it was different and fun not only because I didn’t act (that meant I could drink Iced Bandung anytime), I ate a lot of food! And yes, I really did ate a lot of food.

Big thanks to Cikgu Noor Hasnah Adam for helping us secure a performance slot and accommodating us at her high-rise rented apartment (21st floor) which gave us a picturesque view of parts of KL.

I’d love to talk more about the show but I’ll save that for later. Let’s talk about how much I love KL food. We counted the number of meals we had in the short duration we were there and I scored highest just pipping the others by 1.

We visited what was the shooting location for Sembilu and Bara courtesy of Professor Omar who drove all the way down from Terengganu and accommodated us in the backseat of his Odyssey.

That was probably the only time we got to travel and sightsee KL but that was probably the bomb cause we got to oversee KL from where we were. I’m still clueless about the name of the place but I’ve been informed it’s ‘Bukit International’.

I’m feeling a bit poorer after spending my fortune on FOOD but I’m feeling absolutely satisfied and a bit sick too. I think my tummy misses the food there.

There’s a reason why god forbade us to eat the flesh of swine. See lah! Don’t want to listen right!

Enjoy the Video and some Photos!

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