Singapore Singapore Ah Ooo Ah!

What’s Abd?!!

As you read this, I’d probably be somewhere in Indonesia enroute to my house there. The past few months have been an emotional and mental roller coaster ride. As with all roller-coaster rides, you’d eventually come back to a point where you began and be given the choice either to go on another round or to take a break.

This isn’t my break.

I’ve realized how much I enjoy teaching youths over the past sessions that I’ve had with them teaching, Speech & Drama, Creative Writing and more recently, Public Speaking. I’ve even received feedback from an ex-colleague who is working at one of the schools who mentioned that the students even wrote my name down in their compositions! It’s such a joy to be able to go down to their level and speak their lingo. I miss being a juvenile because that’s when you get away with almost everything that you do. The best part about all of it, every single one of them cannot remember my name and instead calls me Cikgu Mawi. WTH!

Cikgu Mawi pun Cikgu Mawi laa…

Well, WE finally went on a date (according to her interpretation). It wasn’t supposed to have been a date but rather just a revision for whatever we’ve learnt (me 3 classes, her 2 classes). Instead, I decided to inject a little surprise (which didn’t quite menjadi) into it. For all that its worth, I really hope you enjoyed yourself that night. I’ll work on my bread chopping skills! Let’s do another round of rehearsals again, less rigid this time yeah?

I’m definitely missing rehearsals now. Not for the fact that I need to try to work on getting emotional over my character but just the fact that I get to see some of the funniest people around. I know some of them are probably in a reclusive state to get over the post-production blues but some of us managed to catch up in what would be a reunion of sorts for me before I take my leave for Indonesia. I know you guys might be having a proper post-production reunion without me, so Have Fun You Guys!

I can’t wait to get back to Singapore and begin work on a new production (if I’m able to find one to work on) and to await my results if I’m going to get to read Political Science at National University of Singapore. And YES, big thanks to Ain, who allowed me to sit in with you for your lecture yesterday. Really love being able to attend lecture and just be a student once more.

On top of that! Nawal! I’m ready to tutor Yang-DiPertuan Agung Child!

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