Production Over

What’s Abd?!!

2 months worth of work over in a day. What’s left is just bittersweet memories.

Nonetheless, new friendships forged and new partnerships formed.

What am I talking about here?

Project RGB and DownStageLeft’s Double Bill recently held on 7th March and 13 – 14th March 2009.

Let’s talk about Project RGB first.

This was a project that I took on, referred from MENDAKI for 3 final year NTU Communications student. It was a project which was to be performed on stage for 10 minutes but the issues that I had to deal with were extremely stressful.

Script had to be re-written and some members of the cast couldn’t make it 2 weeks before show. This was also the first time that I was scripwriting and directing. Nonetheless, the professionalism of my team members ensured that this project would go smoothly. Thanks guys for being willing to attend rehearsals though short and unprofessional it seems to be.

I’m sure we enjoy one another’s company – as always.

Next is DownStageLeft’s Double Bill – My Yesteryears and Perempuan Simpanan.

This was the first production that I have ever done with DownStageLeft and even more so outside of SangSingaPurba. What’s even more memorable about this production is that I’m holding on to such a huge role. A role which requires me to go beyond what I’ve ever done with SSP and a role which didn’t hit me until much much later into the production.

I was given the role of Jamal, my name is Abdillah. Jamal Abdillah? Not quite!

Jamal is a bachelor late in his 30s and the youngest of 13 children who had to take care of his senile mother. He is confused in his own myriad of mixed emotions where he loves his mom but he also pities her state, yet he is tired of taking care of her and he is trying to be as patient as possible with her when she starts to remember more of her late grandson than him.

When alone, Jamal questions why he has to take on such a responsibility and yet he does not feel appreciated because his mom never really dotes on him.

This was definitely a huge role that I had to take on considering all the facts mentioned above about Jamal’s character. I encountered lots of problems throughout the whole production to embody this character and I thank Director, Khairul Anwar for having trust in me to bring this character out despite losing patience in me. I hope we’ll be able to work together again perhaps this time as actors cause I wanna see the actor in you!

To Stage Manager, Dilz – you definitely did beyond your job as a My Yesteryears stage manager for you probably took on the role of coordinating the whole Double Bill production. For that, you are definitely one cool cucumber although you do go kuku at times.

To Nenek played by Mel – as a first timer, you exceeded expectations and brought character to life. Throughout the whole production, you were the first person to have been able to get into character and ensured that you remained a nenek throughout. Working with a first timer who’s so good at acting is really such an honour. I still don’t believe that you are only 20! I hope we can work together again!

To Izz, Japanese Lover, Angel of Death played by Ilyas – dude, I know how much you love to do backstage work but as a first timer on stage, you were awesome! Being able to take on 3 different characters for every scene that you came on stage. I don’t think that was really an easy role to do because you had to constantly refocus to different roles. I hope you will continue doing stage work even while you’re in National Service.

To Siti played by Illya – hot maid is what you are. I don’t get to see you a lot during all the rehearsals that we had but the last few days rehearsing had definitely been a blast. Never knew how much of a camwhore you could be or a loose-nut head you could be but I definitely had lots of fun being around you. I hope our paths will cross again soon!

To the rest of the cast and production crew of DownStageLeft’s Double Bill – it was definitely an enriching experience to begin with. As one of the most aged person in the whole production, I felt young again and being able to just let loose and be crazy is something that I always look forward to in this life filled with stress. I even got a BFFEN out of nowhere and well, what can I say, you’re just cute. Better take same course with me if we get into Uni together ok!

To the friends and audience who attended Friday’s show – I’m really sorry that it was a good performance. It definitely was disappointing for me as well as I wasn’t totally in character. I hope I can be forgiven for that.

To the friends and audience who attended Saturday’s show – I hope you had a blast and enjoyed it! I can only hope that my performance was good enough to make you feel that I was Jamal and not Abdillah.

To Nad (there were two nads who attended!), thank you for the card although I still think you wrote, ‘God Job’ instead of ‘Good Job’ like what you mentioned! Nonetheless, thank you!! Your presence really made my day!

To my friends who couldn’t make it – too bad la. Hopefully a recording of the show was made, then we can all watch it together someday!

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