What’s Abd?!!

I know I haven’t blogged for sometime.

It’s not that I’ve forgotten how to write.

It’s just that I’ve been really occupied with my rehearsals and work.

I’m not neglecting this blog for sure or the other one but I just need time.

So let’s discuss about our neighbours. I’ve always loved talking about our neighbours simply because I could be a representation of the majority and I am therefore, entitled to comment much more freely just because.

Have you recently caught on with what’s happening there?

There was the recent outrage over the use of ‘Allah’ in Christianity, Islam and Sikh faith.

It’s still not been solved yet because the courts have pulled back on their verdict calling it a ‘mistake’. But seriously, ‘Allah’ is just a term used by the Arabs even during the Pagan periods to describe God. It’s not exclusive to any religion or faith. It’s only exclusively in Arab.

So, get over it already. No Muslim, Sikh or Christian should get confused over who their God, in this case Allah is for as long as they know who they are worshipping. And well anyways, there are many similarities between the Sikh, Christian and Jewish faith with the Islamic faith.

Lets now move over to another interesting problem that has recently arise.

From religion to language.

Malaysians were protesting over the use of English in schools to teach Science and Mathematics and kept insisting that the use of Malay language should be upheld.

Here’s a word of advice from me.

“If you want to use the Malay language to teach subjects in school, the least you could do is to ensure that you can get your spelling right”

For those of you who are wondering why I mentioned as such. Well in my recent trip to Malacca, I came across a public sign at a shopping centre bearing the words in huge fonts, “Jaga Keberhisan”

Please lahh my fellow neighbours, its not that I want to nosey poke into your affairs but when you make such a big ruckus out of something that you cannot even get correct, I think you should really give it much thought and consideration. Besides, the English language is beginning to be a much globalised language that perhaps, it would be better for you to learn to speak better English than Malay.

True to a certain extend that you may lose the use of Malay language which is evident amongst Malay Singaporeans who are much more accustomed to using English as the medium instead of Malay. However, the constant use of Malay language amongst friends and family members should keep you in check of a good command of the language.

The political scene in Malaysia is bad enough. I don’t think the residents need to be so emotionally-charged as how their politicians are.

Remember that politicians always have a personal agenda beneath whatever that they are lobbying for.

In other local news from me, I just did my first scriptwriting cum directing work for Project RGB which was aired on the news. Next is an emotionally charged performance which will I gather will be carried through the rest of my life.

This is definitely not one of my best blogging days. I’m just tired and life just doesn’t seem so bright for me anymore.

Falling is now a whole new meaning in my life.

I’m falling and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get out of it now.

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