To A Brother

What’s Abd?!!

It’s the month of February, the month where lovers around the world celebrate just because its Valentine’s Day.

Honestly, I’ve never celebrated it. Not because I didn’t have anyone but because I just simply never believed in it due to the historical facts of why such a day came about.

For those of you who have no idea, it is forbidden to Muslims to celebrate it.

But you know what, I don’t think many Muslims really bother anymore.

Oh wells, the last time I remember going out on Valentine’s Day… I ended up crying on my way back home. It was the longest ride I ever experienced and it was the saddest good bye I can remember till date.

Fortunately, exactly one year after the incident, I do not have to fret thinking about it because I will be busy hosting friends from the region who have came specially to grace the wedding of a beloved friend and brother of mine.

This brother of mine, would definitely go down into my book as a brother because you can never call one a brother until you’ve experienced some tension between one another yet remain social to one another.

I guess it’s probably a guy thing. We keep our egos to ourselves and let it kill us but somehow, we’ll let things settle it on its own. He’s the 3rd person I’d dare call a brother, just because. The other 2 are my best friends and such a coincidence that one of them shares the same birthday as this groom-to-be. And I remember very clearly that one of my brothers hated me so much for close to a year over a girl whom I made way to let him pursue.

He didn’t know and I never told him my reasons why. I just simply backed out after having a conversation with the girl. But when he knew, he just kept it to himself and let it out on me through his many punches to my arms and body. Trust me, they hurt. He punched the TV and his hand went straight in, breaking the TV screen. They don’t call him Mr Muscle for nothing.

But let’s not stray away from the man of the moment, the groom-to-be, Kamal Shaari. A man with a different sense of humour and a different way of looking at things in perspective. Oh, did I forget to mention that he beat several scholars of higher ranking than him to be one of the President’s Aide.

Though we haven’t been able to converse much as I’ve been busy with my many projects, I do wish that this brotherhood will last even after your marriage. It is also no secret that I did purposely put myself into seclusion away from everyone because I needed the space to reassess my goals in life and work towards it. But trust me on one thing, I’ll always be that brother if you consider me as one.

To all those who are celebrating Valentines Day, I wish you joy and happiness. Don’t go spending too much money in this recession if you’re in it!

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