R.I.P David

What’s Abd?!!

The current economic downturn has probably caused more damage than what most people imagined. Just a few days ago, I was informed by an ex-colleague that one of my ex-colleague had committed suicide.

He was turning 27 this year.

Details of why he committed suicide were not known but it was believed that he had committed suicide due to financial problems. He had only recently got married 2 years ago to a very beautiful girl. It was understood that they had since separated. He had committed suicide by smoke inhalation. He did this on his own and his body when discovered, was decomposed.

While most people would eck and yuck at the thought let alone the sight of a decomposed body, it all seems normal and just another death for me even when the circumstances are abnormal. My 1.5years serving in the Singapore Police Force had allowed me to get up close and personal with the dead. In light of this, we can expect more deaths in the coming months until the economy recovers as more people go out of job and land themselves in heavy debts.

Perhaps, we will never know why he committed suicide.

Perhaps, we will never know why he resigned his job.

Perhaps, we will never know why his marriage was on the rocks.

One thing we will know, he was the only person ever who told me to go out and try to love someone because he said that my love age was 0 (that was in 2005). I have since loved and lost but I truly understand what he meant by that. Though our friendship was short, I will always remember you not for the amount of cigarettes you huffed and puffed with me during our working hours but I will remember your true friendship in opening me up to the world of love because I have since been able to learn to love.




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