Omid Launch

What’s Abd?!!

The Islamic world can finally rejoice with the fact that Iran has achieved success where Western rulers once reigned supreme. Iran was once ridiculed by Russian Prime Minister who ridiculed and dismissed statements by US about how Iran could at some point have a system that could reach Europe and suggested that it was nonsense.

Earlier today, Iran launced, Omid (Hope) satellite into orbit and instantaneously caused alarm to the United States and European Union. A known fact that Iran had been busy with uranium enrichment to generate power, they had in fact also been busy building a satellite for launch into space.

The ramifications of such a satellite launch has no doubt sparked anxiety and fear that Iran could possibly be more than capable beyond what the US and EU had made them out to be. The message from White House press secretary Robert Gibbs that the US will use “all elements of our national power to deal with Iran” clearly states that the world community can expect an exchange of military power.

Iran’s ability to produce and launch the satellite despite the strict international sanctions, including restrictions on missile-related technology is truly impressive.

The launch of Omid has triggered further questions on whether or not it was a three-stage or a two-stage rocket. Amateur observers indicated that a two-stage rocket had been used. If true, Iran would definitely have made a huge jump in technology.

Iran truly deserves a pat on the back and a round of applause for achieving this feat inspite of world opposition and sanctions as they have now joined the exclusive club: countries that have managed to orbit a satellite.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Iran has in fact already been successful in their uranium enrichment project and already has a few ballistic missiles ready to be launched should it be attacked. For budding scientists/ chemical engineers, I strongly suggest that you seek a job in Iran because clearly, the country’s scientific development is laudable.

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