Power Rock Concert 2009

What’s Abd?!!

Never in my life would I ever imagine that I’d get to meet the legendary rockers of the Malay industry.

BUT thanks to Aika, my so-called date, I was credited with not just tickets but VIP tickets to exclusive interaction with the rockers themselves!!

The Power Rock Concert organised by Extreme Productions brought a star studded band comprising of members from Def Gab C, Lefthanded and more from across the Causeway and rockers from WINGS, XPDC, MEGA and more took to the stage of Republic Cultural Centre to wow audiences with their classic songs such as SEJATI and Bayangan Gurauan.

Aika, thanks for the invitation!!!

These 2 were also spotted.
Apparently they had FREE tickets as well but they were seated upstairs!!

The world is truly small too because this SSP Lion was spotted and later discovered to be Aika’s cousin

I can’t miss taking a photo with my favourite Malay rocker, Awie!

YES! Even makcik in tudungs are rockers!

I missed out on the after concert gathering because apparently, they all went out to Lau Pa Sat to eat!!!

(Videos will be uploaded on Wa!TV soon)

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