Gong Xi Fa Cai!

What’s Abd?!!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Not much ideas really on what to type or how to type.

I just wish I could track my family tree so I can find my chinese relatives which will then qualify me to receive red packets.

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, I do have chinese heritage dating back to 3 generations ago. It’s just so sad that none of my family members ever kept in touch with the chinese relatives so the families lost touch.

It could also stem from the fact that my grandpapa married twice. I’m writing this with hope of rekindling family ties with the lost relatives of my chinese side because I would to be able to celebrate Chinese New Year and have some relatives whom I can converse with in Mandarin.

Oh yess… I can speak Mandarin. I never took classes for it though. I was educated in a Hokkien Clan school located in Yishun, ChongFu Primary School. That’s where I picked up my Mandarin and I’ve been speaking it since then albeit much difficulty at times.

Okay anyways, for those of you Chinese readers who can help me check with you moms or dads or grandmama or grandpapa, perhaps you can help me ask if they ever knew anyone in their family by the names of Jabbar bin Jaffar or Munah bte Odik.

Jabbar bin Jaffar is my grandfather, he is 87/ 88 years of age and he was a National Boxer in the 50’s. He was featured in the papers lonng looongg looongg time ago for this.

Munah bte Odik is my grandpa’s second wife (I think). I think the chinese side came from my grandmama cause I remembered her looking more chinese although my grandpapa does look like Lee Kuan Yew when he was young.

I still remember how I’d always massage my grandmama’s foot whenever I went over to her place. She had diabetes and high blood pressure but she was always so patient to me despite me having two horns. But well, I was a good lil kid then!

Grandmama passed away when I was about 4 or 5 years. I cant remember much about her but I do remember looking at her on her death bed. She was at peace and I can’t remember much anymore.Grandpapa is still going strong at his age. He walks without the use of any walking aid although his eyesight has begun to fail.

Nonetheless, he is a stubborn old man whom my friends nicknamed, “Funny Man”.

Okay that’s it from me.

If there’s anyone who’s able to help me track my family line, I’d be so grateful because I want to celebrate Chinese New Year next year in style!
Sing-A-Long To The Karaoke Of Gong Xi below!
(I hope you can understand Mandarin cause I can’t!)


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