Do You Dream

What’s Abd?!!

I have a dream.
A dream to be a Captain.
A Captain of an aircraft piloting the skies like it is my playground.

My dad had a dream for me.
A dream for me to be a Captain.
A Captain of a sea vessel, just like him piloting the seas like it was his playground once.

I didn’t know much about this dream he had for me until a few days back when I asked him if he had books on reading stars and constellations. What came next was a shock to me as he started taking out books from the year I was born and started handing it out to me like it was a family heirloom.

It wasn’t the books that captivated me, it was the words he strung into sentences next that caught me.

He told me he wanted me to be a captain like him when I was born but then he decided against it when I went to polytechnic because the weather had changed alot and were now unpredictable compared to yesteryears.

I remember that before I enrolled for poly, I had told him of my desire to take up Nautical Studies and I was reprimanded. I guess he didn’t want to lose his son to Acts of God caused by humans.

As I listened to him speak of how he bought the books for me even before I could understand what the world was, my heart teared and my eyes began to swell. I was beginning to understand what family values meant to me and how my Dad had protected me against something which he had loved doing and would have loved for me to do.

At this juncture in life, he has set out another plan for me to follow. I know I have nothing to worry about if I heed his advice but I know that until I can achieve success on my own, I cannot be proud of myself to call myself his son. I’ve run through with him on my plans and he has been quite supportive of it. All I need to do now is to make my plans come true and be that reality.

In the meantime, for those of you who haven’t noticed a little link on the right side. I’ve launched another site. This site shall be dedicated to educational as well as music videos that me and my friends have come up with. A word of caution though as some of these videos are simply irritating for a simple fact that you see me in there most of the time.

Okay seriously, some videos might be offensive to the government and societal system that I work very closely with due to the nature of its content.

If you’re ready, then visit WA!TV

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