What’s Abd?!!

As 2008 draws to a close, we reflect on the past year on what have we achieved and what have we failed and we draw our resolutions for the following year hoping that we’ll make good of what we wrote.

The year 2008 has been an emotionally driven year for me with broken ties amongst some of my loved ones. The year 2008 has also been deemed as a deep learning lesson for the future in my pursuit for success in the foray of the arts, business and relationships.

In spite of all the sadness and grief, 2008 has given me much more in knowledge and with the departure of several close ones, more new ones have come in replace. It is perhaps one of the most vicious cycles in life that I wish to eradicate in the coming year.

Those who have stucked by me in the worst of times know me well deep down that I am perhaps quite simply, “Simple yet Complicated”.

In dedication to everyone in my life, this poem is written especially for you. Not a sell-out publishing house poem but it’s just something that I know some people out there can relate to.

For the year 2009, no resolutions have been made yet but like in all previous years. Success in business and relationships is priority.


What are words with no emotions,
What are movements with no actions;
Can you understand,
Can you comprehend;

What is words with actions,
What is words without actions;
Can you feel,
Did you reel;

Saying yet not talking,
Is that a mute or a dead man walking;
Feeling yet not expressing,
Is that a heart or a stone meditating;

Mis-contrived and misunderstood,
Wished we could knock it right with all kinds of tools;
Mis-contrived and misunderstood,
Not everyone wants to be understood.

[Dedicated to all whom I’ve loved and lost]

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