Merry Christmas!!

What’s Abd?!!

What do you know, time passes so fast that we have now arrived on the 25th of December!

Ho Ho Ho!! Merry Christmas!!

I also happen to remember that I have this one lady friend who’s birthday falls on the Christmas day!

Well, how difficult could that be for me to remember right?

Happy Birthday Natasha Farhana!!

I know we haven’t spoken to one another for a very long time but heyy, I still remember at least!!

Alright, so in this season of merry making and drinking, my best friend, Farid, got injured in a brawl caused by his neighbour.

Not that he picked a fight but his neighbour was drunk and had punched his younger sister and dad first!

Okay well, he’s fine alright.

Thank god.

SO, lets move on to happier moods and enjoy this next Christmas Special!

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