What’s Abd?!!
Are you guilty of forwarding forwarded mails?
I’m not sure when the trend of forwarding forwarded mails started especially with the stupid chain good and bad luck letters
I’m sure many of you out there have received such mails before and having completed or answered the questions in the mail, feel compelled to forward the email simply because it says that you will receive bad luck for 568754216548 days if you fail to
Stupidly as well, the email usually also says that if you forward the email to 985453214562158 people, your wish will come true
Has it really worked for you cause I’ve never believed in them?
But it’s not about the forwarded emails that I’m worried about because I love reading those emails, it’s the thought that my email may be used for some spamming activity or possibly even to point of getting hacked into should the email I use contain sensitive information
Perhaps not many of you who work in sensitive government agencies realize this but for those of you who work or have received email from government officers, you will usually see a certain portion in the bottom of the email which states,
“CONFIDENTIALITY: If this email has been sent to you by mistake, please notify the sender and delete it immediately. As it may contain confidential information, the retention or dissemination of its contents may be an offence under the Official Secrets Act.”
Unfortunately, those of you who work in such agencies and forwards sensitive emails out do not realize that your friends who forward such emails forget to remove your threaded email and thus puts you in a risk of abetting in releasing sensitive information.
Personally, I have received forwarded emails which threads as far back as 5645418784216 emails!
It’s a long scroll down but the information is really short, like damn short, like perhaps, “Traffic Police Operation on 25 December at following areas”.
SO, perhaps for those of you reading this, you may want to either keep the emails to ‘BCC’ from now onwards to keep it discreet and delete the threads before you forward please.
For those of you do not know what ‘BCC’ is, well if ‘BC’ is Before Christ so ‘BCC’ is Before Christ Christened
So your email actually gets sent to periods before Before Christ. How cool is that huh??
Okay seriously, BCC means Blind Carbon Copy. No offence intended to my Christian readers.
Do you think Ministers sends out forwarded emails too? Hmmmmm…..

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