What’s Abd?!!

It is official

As of today, 12th December 2008, I am UNEMPLOYED.

So, my dear friends and family members who are reading this right now. I will no longer be able to afford restaurant meals nor will I be able to buy you chocolates to motivate you to study and do well for your exams.

Don’t go all sad on me because I am actually extremely happy that I am unemployed!

Well, at least for now!

What’s next in the pipeline for me is to keep singing songs for you and make a fool out of myself here on WhatsAbd!

Hopefully, someone with lots of cash will find me to be a non-talent and decides to make me as famous as William Hung.

So, if you are at home, bored and have nothing to do…

Well, what makes you think I’ll be home, bored and have nothing to do like you.

Okay, maybe just a little bit.

Perhaps a little bit more.

But I’ll probably be at my long almost forgotten favourite hideout, The Library!

And Yes, I DO READ and it’s not Playboy or Maxim or FHM

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