STOMP-ed! (Updated)

What’s Abd?!!

I’ve blogged about Spalling Concrete before, click
here to read it

And guess what, someone decided to STOMP about Spalling Concrete and in my opinion, probably made such a big issue and blew it out of proportion!!

The article, found below:

1) Concrete Falls From Ceiling of Flat, But HDB Says Tenants Are Responsible For It

STOMPer Hafiz was shocked to find a huge slab of concrete on his flat’s floor. When he notified HDB of the matter, they told him that it is the tenant’s responsibility to fix it.

Furious about HDB’s lack of concern, he voices his worries to STOMP.

He says:

“About two days ago, after returning from work, I was shocked to find a piece of cement slab bigger than my palm on the floor.

“When I looked up, I noticed there was a gaping hole on the ceiling. I can even see some metal on the in the ceiling.

“I lodged a complaint to HDB Clementi Branch yesterday (Dec 1) and the woman at the counter said that they can only send someone down two days later.

“On Dec 2, at about 10 am, a HDB Technical Officer called me saying that someone is coming down on Dec 3.

“I asked her are they going to repair the damages, and to my shocked, she replied saying it’s our responsibility not HDBs.

“I was so furious when I heard that, I demanded to talk to her supervisor.

“Her supervisor then came to my house to inspect the damages and he persistently told me that the tenants should repair damages.

“He claimed that me, as a tenant should spot the tell tale signs of the damage immediately and take the necessary actions.

“But how do you expect tenants to know when a concrete slab from the ceiling will fall off?

“My biggest concern is my family. What if my family members get injured by another falling concrete piece?

“I am so disappointed that HDB just trying to push the blame to us


Well, guess what dude!

The big slab of concrete, bigger than yours! Fell right smack on my mom’s head. I was at work when it happened, mind you. When I got home, my mom’s head was bleeding profusely and she was having tremendous shock from it.

For those of you who are trying to imagine how big it could be, well, it measured 2 metre but 1 metre.

Fell right smack on my mom’s head!!

But yes, I still maintained composure, called the ambulance for my mom and contacted HDB as well and all the while, spoke politely to them, unlike YOU. Till today, whenever we have problems, we’ll call the officer who attended to us, Mr Tan, because he is ever so willing to provide us with advice, free from resent.

Wondering how I got to know about the truth?

Well guess what, a source emailed me about the whole incident and YOU WERE extremely rude and impatient!! And just so you know, whatever rude stuff you said, was being recorded!!

I understand your predicament but even in such situations, especially when no one’s injured, you should have maintained a proper code of conduct and shouting at the officer is definitely not acceptable. Being a customer does not give you the authority to be rude and disrespectful to fellow humans who are just trying to make a living.

And for those of you reading right now, I will publish the email WITHOUT edits, once I receive clearance from the source.

And Mr Hafiz, it’s people like you who bring disgrace to fellow Malays and Singaporeans alike!

I guess Singapore still has a long way to go to being a graceful society with people like Mr Hafiz around!!

So IF you happen to be reading this now, and you know Mr Hafiz personally or YOU are YOU, I hope you’ll do a public apology because clearly, you’ll only be ashamed of yourself when the real deal gets out!

And below are EXCLUSIVE, NEVER BEFORE PUBLISHED photographs of the Spalling Concrete in my house that fell on my mom’s head.

So those of you reading, go do your assessment on how puny his slab of concrete is.

If you’re wondering that I could probably be on HDB’s side, well I’m not.

I’m just advocating manners and decorum.

One thought on “STOMP-ed! (Updated)

  1. Sometimes HDB officer’s reply to our problems infuriates us, have u ever factor that in!? If it is expected if HDB to repair the spalling concrete, then why did the officer replied that it is tenant’s responsibility? Anyone would be furious with such irresponsible reply. I am not advocating being rude, but perhaps one should not blame mr zamzuri for losing his cool when he was obviously provoked with the kind of reply given by HDB officers. And HDB officers should have checked that they do not carry double standard of repairing for one party, and not the other, before even giving a reply that it is tenants responsibility to repair spalling concrete.


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