What’s Abd?!!

So, that is all about the Indonesian trip. I know it’s been a really long time since I blogged regularly but that’s because I’ve been so occupied with work.

I’ve been staying late at work ever since I got back from my trip.

So what has been going on that I wish to talk about?

No 1 on my list would be United States President-Elect, Barrack Hussein Obama

No 2 would be what I have been up to at work

No 3 would be my future

So let me just talk about President-Elect, Barrack Hussein Obama.

He is as everyone knows, and if you do not know it by now, he is THE First Black American President.

And like every other American President who is well-liked by the people, there is a looming fact that Obama could be assasinated.

The question is, when?

Before he gets sworn in or during his first speech or during one of his presidential tours. If there’s any better time for him to be assasinated, it would be before his swearing in as the American President although I have a feeling that he could be assasinated during his first speech.

Then again, in light of this global recession, I doubt anyone would be bothered to assasinate him. They’d be too busy looking for jobs! Unless of course, the person who pays the assassin is a mogul or some rich dude who is affected by the policies that Obama will implement.

Otherwise, I guess Obama would do just fine.

I’ve never really followed the campaign trail but from what i’ve been told, Obama’s speech resembles Reagan’s. Maybe I should start paying more attention to such campaigns.

Well, I would actually if I didn’t have so much work to do!!

Anyways, I’m clearing leave and off-in-lieus this week onwards.

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