Balik Kampong!!! ( Jambi – Are You Hard Enough)

What’s Abd?!!

27 October 2008 – Deepavali

So I had spent the night before without doing much, that morning, I slept through the morning and missed sending BIL and my sister off at the airport. Too early for me to wake up I guess?

I didn’t do much in the daytime except follow my dad to the plantation again, to settle matters with the gardener who hasn’t been doing his job of sprucing up the place. Overgrown weeds everywhere and he had the cheek to say that it was raining day and night, therefore, he couldn’t find time to spruce the place up.

[Above: NOW, Below: THEN in 2005]


So, my dad issued the ultimatum to him – Get all your stuff and clear the place by Thursday. Ohh.. mind you ahh.. I think the dude was using the place as a love shack instead of a place to work because when I walked in, his wife was naked and frantically put on her clothes when we arrived. My dad didn’t see of course, but I saw. I always happen to see such stuff, not that I purposely looked for it, it just came my way! I think that experience was more of a nightmare rather than an eye wash for me, so you go figure okay.

Okay, being at the plantation means more fruit plucking and more mosquito bites!! More rambutans, more cikus and more papayas to bring home. Coconut too!

I decided to follow dad later that evening after dinner to meet his ex-boss who has since got a second wife and was now living in Java. He had wanted to meet my dad to catch up on old times and to discuss on some business issues. I decided to tag along to learn how Indonesians dealt in business because I figured that someday, I would have to stay there anyway.

Honestly, I was dead silent during the meeting that at the end, one of the guys there thought that I was a mute! Hahahaha…. Super hilarious! Well, how was I supposed to talk. It wasn’t something that I could share my ideas about. So, I just sat and listened.

Later after that, we bumped into the grandpa who had taken care of my dad when he was an orphan. He shared stories of how he used to bring my dad on his road trip on the Indonesia islands.

Then, he suddenly asked me, “Ada kerasan nggak?” (Any hardness??)

I was totally lost!! I didn’t understand what he was trying to ask me. Then my dad translated, it was then that I knew how they made assessments to whether or not guys were interested in girls.

The grandpa was asking me if – I was having any erections while I was there! Wahahaha…

What the hell!!! I couldn’t believe such a question was posed!!

I told him – NO. Well, how could I possibly have had an erection. I didn’t see any girls nude!! Hell, I was hardly even in contact with any girls while I was there!!! Unless plants made me horny and gave me an erection… but that would be SOOO WRONG.

We went back home after getting some snacks and just sat at the porch chit chatting till those around felt sleepy, which was around 10pm ONLY. So yeah, that meant no one to hang out with and so I went to bed.

Surprisingly, my friends from Japan decided to call me! We had a good chat for about 15 minutes before I decided to hang up. They were telling me about the Japan – ASEAN Youth Leaders Summit that they were helping out for. Must be fun I guess because exactly that time last year, I was with them as participants in the Japan – ASEAN Youth Leaders Summit. And boyy oh boyy… I remember it was lots of fun!

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