Bo Liao

What’s Abd?!!
Haven’t been in the mood to blog this past week. It’s been a really hectic time at work and after work.
I’ve been spending so much time doing work that perhaps I’m not spending enough time to humour myself.
The Akira DVD player at home is working like shit, not able to read discs when I’m in the mood to watch my movies. So, I decided to give it a repair yesterday night and well, managed to watch my shows lar!
The only downside – I need to remove the top cover and a few screws and a few presses before I can play my DVDs. Hey, it works fine though so I’m not complaining cause I don’t have to spend extra $$ on a DVD player.
I was out with my NS Police buddies just a few days back to do some catching up over the festive season and we were talking about some stuff when the topic of my video resurfaced.
The video is not exactly great to begin with but it was fun while it lasted.
I guess being the Squad Leader meant that you needed to be bullied by your room mates the most and this video shows what they did.
It’s not rated and there’s nothing interesting about it except that my someone managed to pull my pants down to a certain extent, exposing a region.
There’s two parts to this cause its violent.

Part 2

I love you guys, Squad 29/04.

You people made my life as Squad Leader fun and lively for 7 months that we spent together.

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