Mariam Bellaluna

What’s Abd?!!

You waited for this, so this one’s specially for you Coraine!

Each and every single one of us have a soft spot for something in life, be it living or dead. I love toys and I still have many of toys with me that I’ve played with since 5. They form a part of my history and will definitely remain a series of events etched in memory.

Besides toys, another part of growing up that I had was spending time with the pets that I had. I’ve never had that many number of pets in my household at one time but the pets were just a continuous process of my family. For those who have visited my house before, you would have known that the corridor in front of my house would be a great place for birds and other tree animals to hang out simply because it was a mini-tropical jungle.

But lets get back to my pets. Yess… how much I miss my pets.

Before I was born…. do we count this in? I’ll just continue though, my family was rearing several fishes at home. Not sure what happened before or after my birth though but I never saw any fishes being reared. The only fishes I see are those on my dinner plate.

My love for pets began when I was very young, at age 6 ish I think. My sister and I had rabbits as pets. We’d release the rabbits to roam free in our house and follow their trail of tiny bits of poop that they’d leave behind hopping from one place to another. I can’t quite remember their names but I kept them as pets for about a year or so. Unfortunately, there came a point when they had to go. It was heartbreaking how they went and I don’t think I want to share it here because I remember crying and saying NOOOO.

So after my rabbits went away, I decided that I should switch to something that wouldn’t make too much of a mess in the house or leave unknown and unwanted trails. Come to think of it, rabbit poop looks like those Milo breakfast cereals!

Okay so, I then decided to keep a terapin instead. A terapin is after all minimal maintenance and they don’t create such a big mess when they poop. So, it was much fun having 2 terapins at home. I used to have a mini bath tub for kids at home so I’d usually unleash my 2 terapins into the tub when I took my shower. I’d let them swim around with me as I soaked myself in the tub.

As cute as terapins were, I realized that they grew quite big and heavy over time. True enough, they soon had to go as well. They were not able to fit into the tub with me inside and they looked like a pair of helmets that I could put my head over with a few more good feeds. So dad and me decided that releasing them would be the best option and so we did at Sembawang. Bye byeee terapins!! Love you two!! I hope you’re both happy in terapin wonderland or terapin heaven!! Tell god I took good care of you both okay!

Soo, after the episodes of those two. It was my dad’s turn to get his pets. My dad had only one love for pets at that time and he was crazy for birds. And damn, we sure had birds of all species in the house. All in all, we had about 5 – 7 species of birds.

We had a parrot at home. A rare breed of parrot so it seems. My dad had managed to illegally bring the bird in from Indonesia. I didn’t know what it was until much later in life when I was on attachment at Jurong Birdpark. It was a black coloured parrot with a yellow beak. It’s not a Toucan. It’s a parrot. Not sure what breed exactly.

My dad also kept the small bird that loves to sing. I’m just thankful that my dad didn’t turn out to be one of those uncles who’d regularly bring their wonderful birds to those places where they’d hang their birds up high and sing whilst the owners sat below chit chatting eating tons of kuachi, emulating their birds. I can’t remember what happened to the singing bird but I remember the parrot flew away because someone forgot to close the cage. My dad was so furious, I swear I’ve never heard him like that before. That was the one and only time in my life.

So, with those birds gone, I guess he decided to change and stick with something closer to heart – Pigeons. We had 2 pigeons, both were injured when my dad adopted them to nurse them back to health. After nursing them, they refused to leave and became a part of our household. Their names were Kutip and Pungut (Literally means picked up in English for both names).

The pigeons were great actually until the government mentioned that pigeons were harmful to health. We didn’t really see it as a problem because we were damn healthy. At this point of time also, my neighbour donated me with a pair of hamsters. So my dad had his pigeons whilst I had my hamsters to play with.

I had no idea why the hamsters were given to me but they multiplied so much, so fast! I can’t remember how long or how fast it was but they multiplied from 2 to 50 in a few months. It was then that we decided to sell the hamsters to one of the pet shops in Chong Pang.

It was also during the same time that my mom and dad wanted to release the pigeons back into their habitat. Unfortunately, we didn’t know that pigeons could be so smart. My mom took the pigeons a few blocks away and abandoned it there. Later that night, the pigeon was back at our kitchen!

This went on for several days until my dad took both pigeons to Jurong and it was then that we never saw them again. But with the pigeons gone, my dad came home with another species of bird.

Make a guess first what bird it is.

Guessed it yet?



Are you ready?

Not an eagle..

Not a vulture…

Okay here it goes….

Be prepared alright…

Not from CHINA Lar!!!






Yess!! A goose!

Even I can’t believe it when my dad brought it home.

I have no idea till today how my dad managed to bring that goose home. He was after all riding a bike. Don’t tell me that goose hopped on his bike and became a pillion. How the hell did my dad walk the goose up to the 6th floor as well.

That goose was just THE ULTIMATE THING.

I cannot recall what happened to the goose but it was a goose.

So today, I’m currently keeping a cat as a pet. It’s a feline and it’s name is Mariam Bellaluna. I didn’t gave it that name. It’s my dad who came up with the name. Including all the names of all the other pets that we ever had.

Mariam Bellaluna was first discovered by me when I was on patrolling duty. My partner almost knocked into it whilst parking his car. It was such a small kitten then, probably just born because its eyes were still closed. I then decided to bring it home because I had always wanted a cat for a pet.

Mariam is now about 4 years old (in human years), and she has one of the most beautiful furs and eyes. She had snow white fur and blue eyes as a kitten. Now, she has greyish white fur and green eyes. I’ve no idea how the eye colour changed but I wished I had those kind of eyes.

Mariam is now the source of joy in the household. My mom and dad loves her and she sleeps in my parents room – which is totally great with me because she sleeps with me on her horny days. How fair is that huh? But I love Mariam just as much even though she looks for me only when she’s horny. I just cannot endure her loud noises at night when she gets really frisky for some loving that none of us in the house can ever give and no way is she going out for some love with some stray cat.

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