School of Hard Knocks

What’s Abd?!!

Skipped a day without any posts any maybe those who been reading regularly is wondering what happened.

Well don’t worry, I was just resting from two injuries that I sustained during a soccer match.

Injury list:

Sprained left ankle
Mild concussion

Sounds quite serious but it really isn’t! Well okay, maybe not to me.

Anyway, I think I know the reason why my Mom hates it when I play soccer – I always come home injured but happy!

Something wrong right?

I’m not exactly crazy to be happy to get injured but I’m just happy because I’m playing something that I enjoy though most of my soccer mates from Secondary school feel that I deserve to be playing rugby instead of soccer and I totally understand why. No worries though, I did play rugby in Poly as a winger. Not much physical action but more of speed which I was SOO lacking. Nonetheless, the physical game of rugby proved to be suitable for me more than soccer ever was.

I guess that is the reason even now when I play soccer, I play it very physical and I’ve had people picking fights with me for that because they are just too much of a wuss to stand pain. It’s not like I’m playing rough or unfair cause if I was, I wouldn’t have be proud to say that in my whole life of playing competitive soccer, I’ve only received ONE YELLOW card. (How pathetic right?)

I guess I just happen to know that my body is able to take hard knocks without getting much injury as the one who knocks/ gets knocked into me!

Let’s talk about the mild concussion that I suffered. Well, it was a 50-50 ball between me and the goalkeeper. As per usual, I’d definitely go in for the ball if it’s 50-50. You could probably say that I don’t like to let others have it easy. So me and the goalie clashed with one another. He knocked his head into the lower left side of my head just above my neck and behind my ears. ( I hear you say OUCH!!)

It sure did hurt lar!!! I was spinning around for a few seconds to see where the ball was only to turn and see the goalie who had knocked into me, was on the ground, knocked out. A quick check by the first aiders on duty and his team members and off he went out of the field. The moment he stood up, I realised the meaning of stone head because his head was bleeding quite profusely but mine was just in pain with a bit of a sore neck. So I guess I probably have a skull made of stone.

The match proceeded on with me still playing, feeling a bit of soreness but nothing more than that. It wasn’t until the whole game ended for my team and when I got home later that night that I realized that I was feeling a bit giddy. I made a quick check with some of my colleagues who are Sports Science graduates and they told me that I probably suffered from a mild concussion. So off I went to bed but not before icing my swollen left ankle.

And I woke up today feeling great!! I was walking with a bit of a limp and I can’t exactly turn my head a full 180 degrees without feeling a tinge of pain but otherwise, I can still play soccer if anyone asks me to!

But here’s what I really want to say, getting an ankle sprain is common. You don’t have to play soccer to get an ankle sprain. The most stupidest of things usually is the cause of the ankle sprain (indication of very very weak ankles). What’s important to take note of when you suffer from an ankle sprain is to ensure that your ankle is secured.

Use a cloth to tie your ankle to prevent it from shifting about too much. (Since I was playing soccer, I used the sports tape to hold my ankle together).

At the earliest possible moment, get ice and ice it on your sprained ankle. This is called Cold Heating.

Put the ice pack directly on your injured ankle at intervals of 10 mins.

You are bound to feel numb if you do this but that’s normal.

If you don’t want to feel numbness, then wrap the ice around a towel and then tie it around the injured ankle.

Ensure that the ice is directly on top of your ankle. This is what I did because I was going to sleep, I can’t possibly wake up every 10 mins to remove the ice and put it back on again.

Last but not least, raise your injured ankle of a platform and lie down to ensure that the blood flows down.

If you are wearing a skirt and you want to lie down, please ensure that you are wearing something attractive inside and not something disgusting. Otherwise, please either hang a cloth/ shirt or something to cover yourself or if you are too shy to lie down, please just put the ice on and injured ankle and send yourself home to proceed with treatment.

Remember I mentioned before about getting my foot run over by my an exhaust, that’s called a burn. If you happen to burn or scald yourself, wash the burnt/ scalded area with cold running water. It’s definitely gonna hurt but if you don’t then you can hope to see a nice ‘Zhao Tar’ portion on your skin. Once you have washed it with cold running water, do the ice thing as well.

If you burnt yourself to an extend where you see redness everywhere, the above DOES NOT apply to you. Because you are SUPER DUPER BURNT!!! Call the Paramedics!!!

Also, please DO NOT, massage your sprained ankle with whatsoever massage oil because it will only make the swell grow bigger. Trust me! I’ve had way too many experiences with that complements from my dad who insists that traditional methods work best.

For those who are wondering, I am a certified First Aider.

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