First Date Experience

What’s Abd?!!
Haven’t we all had our share of embarrassing and jitter moments out on a first date? Rummaging through that cupboard of yours for that perfect look. As they say, the first impression creates a lasting impression.

I was a late bloomer amongst my group of friends; never dated in secondary school and was too shy to walk up to a girl to ask for her number and never dared to call a girl more than once after the first call got through to her grandmother.

I eventually landed my first date AFTER secondary school. I still remember how it was, how could anyone not remember your first date. The date was set for a Saturday afternoon. My date – 4 years older than me (same age as my sister), same course and same polytechnic as my sister, she was in most instances, could have very well been my sister’s friend and course mate. My sister ranted at me for that of course, “FIND SOMEONE YOUNGER CAN OR NOT?!”

I remember she had asked me the morning earlier what I would be wearing – blue jeans and off-white colour top. Our meeting place, where else for a young, growing up man but Somerset MRT (typical Singaporean right? Where else to go lar). So there I was waiting for her when she appeared 45 minutes later (so typical of a woman on a date to want to look good), and damn was I shocked! She was dressed in the exact same colour code as me and her top was of the same design as mine. I freaked out right there and then and just had to end that date early (I know I’m being mean here but it was too much for me on a first date).

MY FIRST TIME exploring Orchard Road with a girl by my side and already we were going to be seen as a couple because of what we wore. There were just so many things running through my mind as I walked out of that underpass. I had no idea what to eat or where to go and I had no agenda for that day. It was my first date for god’s sake. I had no training on where a guy should bring a girl to or what a guy should do to a girl. So, I opted for the easy, “I’m hungry waiting for you, I wanna go eat.”

Lunch was at Lucky Plaza and even then, it wasn’t easy. I can’t remember if I paid for her lunch or we went Dutch. She never told me much about herself especially that she JUST BROKE UP with her ex the day before (my eyes just opened wide and jaws just about to dangle when she told me). Lunch was busy with her ex friends passing by her and looking at me (just so weird). Lunch was kept busy with her entertaining her pager (Pager okay!! Antique huh?) because she told me her sister was paging her to buy stuff in town (of maybe she was having a horrible time with me).

Whatever it is, I decided to end the date early, within an hour of meeting her. So, during lunch I asked, “Where do you want to go after this because I need( or rather wanted ) to go off already.” I walked her to the bus stop where she could board her bus from and I walked off feeling so shitty because my first date was such a horrible experience! I never even bothered to wait for her bus to come!

The experience was so nervy that I felt, perhaps every date that my friends went on was of similar experiences or hopefully, worst. That was, however, in the past. Things have now changed and let’s just say that my first dates are no longer as horrible as it was.

So that was my first date experience.

Tell me yours. I wanna know what yours was like.

Was it embarrassing as mine?

Or was yours sweet and beautiful like fairy tales?

Here’s me leaving you with a song entitled First Date by Blink 182.

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