Cheating Partners

What’s Abd?!!
You Cheated On Me!!!

I know most men have heard of that phrase being barked in their faces by their partners. I’ve had my personal encounter too but it was a complete misunderstanding and the relationship had to pay the price. My ex insisted that I was cheating or had cheated on her. She had read something I posted online for a friend and had probably read a little too much in between the lines. I was to be blamed too because the intent and delivery (this is where not listening to your English teacher in class paid the price) had came out totally wrong but everyone surely hates cheaters, I do too.

But at times, we need to take two steps back and ask ourself:

“What do you constitute as cheating?”

Your definition of the term cheating may not be the same as how your partner interprets it and this may cause unwanted rifts.

So, what then is cheating?

Is cheating implied by the mere physical connection that two parties have with one another (kissing, sex, holding hands, hugs). I for one will not be able to tolerate kissing and sex for sure!! That’s like WHOAH!!! CHEATER!!! B*%$@!!!
But holding hands and hugs is still fine with me.

But beyond physical connection between parties, there’s also the question of emotional connection.

Here’s where I have no doubt to call one a cheater once you develop deep emotional feelings beyond friendship love boundaries.

How do you then know what’s the thin line of friendship love and that cheesy love feeling?

Well, it’s not easy but a good gauge would be to see how your partner interacts with their friends. The joy, physical and emotional connection that your partner has with their friends is that love called friendship love.

The joy, physical and emotional connection that you and your partner share is the deep emotional cheesy love. If your partner shares such joy and connection with another other than you, then you shall be warned. Raise the alarm and clear doubt.

There’s really no one correct method in solving cheating, really. It’s just a disease stuck onto both men and women. Women hate to admit their kind would cheat but the fact is that they do, and poll research has proven that they cheat as often as men do!
You can read more here:

So, what then is the problem that results in cheating amongst couples?

It is not the emotional binding between the couple, but believe it or not, in many cases it is the desire for better sex. Safe to say that if your partner is cheating on you, you are very likely terrible beyond doubt in bed.

For men:
If your woman cheated on you and you say that she has regularly been pleasured in bed. How sure are you that you have been doing it right? She may have faked the orgasm just so she could get out of that terrible love making session that you been giving her.

For women:
If your men cheated on you, well maybe you were what is labeled as a “dead fish”.

Making love is not just the physical intercourse. If physical intercourse is what you are looking for, then there’s aplenty that you can pay for. Making love is the combination of emotional and physical chemistry that only the two of you experience. I’m no expert in this but I have seen far too many people cheat and these are people who have been in relationships for years.

There are some men who no doubt see making love as just a chore and just want to get in and get out. But guys, your lady needs more than just that!! They need tender loving care, and much more so, in bed!! The intercourse should just be taken as a bonus. Why then would women always prefer snuggling and cuddling especially after making love? It’s because they love the warmth and the emotional flutters that you send them right through their tummy. Someone who doesn’t give a hoot about your feelings would just get out of bed, into the showers and get food.

BUT before you even jump down to intercourse, you need to spend time on foreplay.

Don’t know what’s foreplay???? Gosh… maybe you shouldn’t have even started intercourse.

Foreplay is how I’d describe it as something which is fun and playful yet sexual. It’s about working up the warmth in the room and building up the passion of the night/ day and should be taken as a preparation for sex. It can be in the form of massages, whispers or even just love notes. Of course there’s more to it but I’ll leave to you to go and research on it.

If you still have no idea how to go about with foreplay…..


Drop me an email, I’ll go over and show you a demo!!
Okay No!! Just kidding.

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